The Breakfast Ball Holiday Gift Guide for 2020

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It that time of year again! Cyber Monday means the BBGB Holiday Gift Guide is LIVE!

There are so many excellent brands and companies out there, and I want to showcase them all. However, I like to whittle it down each year and give the spotlight to products that I feel would make an excellent gift.

So for all you husbands, wives, girlfriends, and significant others who have no idea what to get the golfer in your life, this gift guide is for you!

Rhoback Apparel

Rhoback was kind enough to send over some of their hot seasonal items for us to check out and share. We revived a few quarter zips and some polos along with a variety of the headwear they offer.

It is 100% Qtr Zip Season here in Vegas. With the chilly mornings and the warmer afternoons, it’s a perfect complement to your attire. Not only are they very stylish, but they are one of the most comfortable Qtr Zips I’ve ever owned. It’s not a heavy piece, so it doesn’t weigh you down. Yet it comforts you rather nicely. The fabric has a lot of stretch to it, so it moves with you and doesn’t restrict your swing at all.

The polos we a total surprise. I’ve known of Rhoback for a while but had yet to own any of their merchandise. The polos, in keeping with the lightweight and flexible materials like in the Qtr Zips, the golf shirts are fantastic and have quickly become my go-to this fall.

With a wide variety of looks, Rhoback is definitely a brand you should check out if you’re looking to outfit your golfer with some great looking threads.

The Q-Zips range in price from $114-$124, and there are a TON of choices. Their Polos range from $79-$89, and there are equally as many choices, if not more.

To see all that Rhoback has to offer, visit their WEBSITE, and explore all the other products they offer.

Good Walk Coffee Co

WOO HOO! A shout out to the Chasing Daylight Podcast sponsor!

It wouldn’t be right to showcase some golf items we love and NOT include Good Walk Coffee Co.

If you love golf and you’re a drinker of the brown water, Good Walk Coffee is a brand you need to check out. We love their beans and the variety of coffees they offer. But it goes way beyond just coffee beans. They have an excellent selection of logo merchandise, cups, bottles, hats, towels, bag tags, headcovers, and so much more.

Click HERE to be taken to the Good Walk Coffee Co website. While browsing around, if you happen to land on something that you think would make a great gift (hint hint, it’s all great), use the code CDPODCAST at checkout and save yourself some cash!

Shinesty Threads Underwear

This is an easy one. Shinesty earlier this year sent me some samples of their underwear, and let me tell you, WOW.

For me, besides the crazy patterns, which by the way, I LOVE, it’s the MICRO MODAL material that makes them such a joy to wear. They’re moisture-wicking, and out here in the desert, that’s a must! You’ll find them to be crazy comfortable and whether you’re buying them as a gift or for yourself, you’re bound to get a smile from your partner when you “show up” in these! At $25 a pair, they may seem to be on the higher end of underwear pricing, but I can honestly say they are easily some of the best I have ever worn.

You can visit the Shinesty website by clicking HERE.


This is probably not a typical “GIFT,” but I wanted to include it because the MEVO+ is a rather special product getting a lot of attention.

Most launch monitors that offer a ton of statistics will get into the thousands of dollars, and by thousands, I’m talking $15,000 – $25,000, so when Flightscope came out with a $2,000 unit, it made a lot of heads turn.

Info on MEVO+ via the FlightScope WebsiteL:

FlightScope Mevo Golf gives you the ability to take your golf game to the next level when paired with a FlightScope Mevo® radar. This app features the ability to capture automated video on your phone or tablet and provides real-time performance data overlay with the video. Whether you want to view the only video or just data, Mevo Golf allows you to fully customize your display and is ideal for the everyday golfer practicing on their own terms. Providing instant video and data feedback, this app allows you to practice with a purpose and track your performance.

Improve your game and bring your practice to a new level with the FlightScope Golf mobile app.

Pair your device with FlightScope Mevo+ or the X3 radar to record training sessions providing accurate data and automatically trimmed video. FS|Golf provides various ways of displaying data so you can choose your favorite and focus solely on aspects you want to improve

As I said before, a $2000 gift isn’t going to be on everyone’s wish list, but if you have a golfer passionate about the game and looking to improve, this is a great way to help them improve. You’ll spend the same amount with a certified instructor over several sessions, and the MEVO+ will help you learn more about your swing.

Visit the FlightScope website by clicking HERE and learn more about what the MEVO+ offers.

GolfLogix Green Books

Searching for the perfect gift for the golfer on your list this holiday season?

Look no further than Green Books by GolfLogix — the new, pocket-sized yardage guides that have become the must-have stocking-stuffer of the year.

Green Books give the average golfer the same intel tour players have in their back pocket. Using mapping technology with accuracy down to the centimeter, the rules-compliant Green Books distill sophisticated green-contour data into illustrated maps that are proven to help golfers of all ability levels. At only $40 each, golfers have ordered Green Books for more than 5,500 courses in the United States. Thousands of customers have since returned to order additional courses.

“The gift-giving season is in full swing, and Green Books are sweeping the golf world,” GolfLogix President Pete Charleston said. “Many golfers have never seen this level of accurate green data before and will be thrilled to say goodbye to three-putts.”

Every Green Book features three detailed graphics for each hole on the course. A full map of the hole provides descending yardages every 50 yards. The quick-view heat map features easy-to-follow arrows outlining the undulations to know exactly where to hit the ball on the green. The subtle changes in elevation and direction, often undetectable to the naked eye, are highlighted in a close-up third map. A quick glance will give you more confidence in your strategy and lead to better shots and lower scores.

Even golfers who are intimately familiar with their home golf courses are amazed at the precision and advanced detail.

Green Books help shave strokes and have become a rules-compliant, sanctioned advantage in member tournaments. Golfers worldwide are ordering additional Green Books to gain a home course advantage on their next golf trip.

“We all know that buying gifts for the golfer in your family can be difficult,” Kellie Stenzel, a GOLF Magazine Top 100 teacher and PGA Master Professional, said. “Green Books have been a great addition to my students’ ability to manage their own courses as well as others. When they know exactly how the putt will break, the extra confidence almost always results in better strokes and making more putts.”

Stenzel added: “I have also used Green Books with my son, who plays competitive junior golf, and his ability to manage the course, approach closer, and make more putts has dramatically improved.  Green books are the perfect holiday gift — because, let’s face it, every golfer would love to have lower scores.”

Designed and priced for the everyday golfer, every golfer can use Green Books to Play Smarter™.

So leave the mad dash of holiday shopping to the rest of the family and find Green Books for more than 14,000 courses across the country at

Wilson Staff Model Golf Balls

FINALLY, after months and months of waiting, the STAFF MODEL Golf Balls are here! Here’s the skinny from Wilson Golf:

Two new high-performance, 4-piece urethane golf balls from Wilson Golf. Staff Model is painted using a finely controlled paint application process, ensuring every ball leaves the factory with an even, nearly flawless finish. Staff Model R features an industry-first unpainted urethane cover for pure confidence and consistency. The choice is yours.

The new Staff Model R is a Tour-caliber, 4-piece urethane golf ball that delivers unmatched precision, speed, and consistency. It’s also the first golf ball with an unpainted urethane cover that delivers a lower flight trajectory and “grabs” the wedge surface for enhanced greenside spin. This is the ball for players who demand the utmost in confidence and consistency.

The new STAFF MODEL golf balls from Wilson retail for $44.99. They can be purchased directly from Wilson by clicking HERE

Eagle Par Birdie Golf

Golf towels are a much-needed aspect of playing golf that often goes overlooked. There are so many towel options out there a golfer can get overwhelmed. Trying to find one that does the job, does it well, and doesn’t break the bank isn’t easy. After all, you’re going to be abusing it like nothing else in your bag.

Eagle Par Birdie Golf considered all those aspects, added a bit of style, and shocked the golfing world by implementing two different materials. Eagle Par Birdie Golf was one of our sponsors for our Legends Never Dye event, and the towels they provided us with were a HUGE hit.

With a lot of varieties and the custom option as a choice, the possibilities are endless. But, if it comes to a towel, nobody will care if it doesn’t do the job. I can tell you they work and work WELL! It’s been a fixture on my bag since the Legends event, and I’m hoping in 2021 to have a Breakfast Ball towel to offer to our readers!

Give them a look by clicking HERE. The towels start at $40 and can go up from there, depending on customization and materials.


Cayce Golf Headcovers

This is another brand that we’ve stumbled upon this year, and I’m pleased to add them to this gift guide.

Custom headcovers are all the rage nowadays. Cayce is doing an amazing job bringing some truly unique designs to the table.

Cayce was also a sponsor of the Legends event. The covers they made for us were off the charts good! We feel that this would be a great gift for any golfer. Who doesn’t love a custom headcover?

The Cayce covers range in price from $54.99 – $59.99. You can view all the covers they offer by visiting their website. Click HERE to be taken there.


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