Where are the roses?
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I wish I could stop and smell them but chances are I’d step right over them as I head off to my next … Read More

A Great Day at Boulder Creek Golf Course
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I tell you there is nothing more satisfying than going out and playing a good round of golf. This past … Read More

My Love for the Slow Motion drill
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This past weekend I took the hour and twenty minute drive to Mesquite, NV to partake in what I was … Read More

Southern Highlands: No.1 on my Vegas Bucket List
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I did some revamping of my Vegas Bucket List page the other day and realized I’m almost done! Hard to … Read More

The Dreaded Pull
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This last week and a half my practice sessions have been off the chart outstanding. I’ve committed myself to practicing … Read More

The Anatomy of the High Five
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    In one of my golf outings earlier this year I encountered something very unusual, or at least it … Read More

Interview: James Feutz from the UNLV Golf Team
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Before I get into the interview I want to first start out and say thanks to James for taking the … Read More

PHOTOS: Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas
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Bali Hai Golf Club. Photos were taken in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 1st, 2013 One of two golf courses (The … Read More

Post No. 300!
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You have to read that Post No. 300 title like you’re a resident of Sparta about to go into battle.  Come on, … Read More

We’re talking about practice!
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“Practice?” Yeah, I went there. I couldn’t resist with the topic of todays post. I was talking with my swing coach … Read More

Ready Golf & Gear
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Ready Golf & Gear – Mesquite, NV August 24th 2013   Doing some work for ThreeGuysGolf today I had a … Read More

PGA Demo Night in Las Vegas
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August 19th 2013 – Las Vegas, NV The PGA Expo was in town this past week and I got to … Read More

Shout out to a new Friend from Utah
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Well it’s taken me almost a week but I finally think I’ve gotten my internal clock back on Vegas time. … Read More

Kapalua, my day at the plantation
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Aloha from The Plantation Course at Kapalua The Plantation Course at Kapalua – Wednesday August 8th 2013 There are certain … Read More

PHOTOS: Kapalua Golf – The Plantation Course
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The Plantation Course at Kapalua – Taken August 7th, 2013 I feasted my eyes on the Kapalua Golf course for … Read More

G/FORE Golf Glove Review
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With the G/FORE golf glove adding style to your game is as easy as it comes. Ask any golfer you … Read More

The 2013 Death Valley Challenge
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WOW. That about sums up this year’s Death Valley Challenge. For many reason too. The first being the most important … Read More

Drive, Chip & Putt Championship LV Qualifier
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Drive, Chip & Putt Championship Stallion Mountain Country Club – Las Vegas, Nevada July 13th 2013 My daughter got her … Read More

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