E53: Fury Golf CEO Ted Kritikos
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What an absolute pleasure it was to interview Ted from Fury Golf. It’s one of the aspects I love about … Read More

E52: The Weekly Walk Season 1 Volume 7
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On this week’s episode of the Weekly Walk We had a special guest in Studio. Jeremy Martin or @jeremymart joined … Read More

E51: The Weekly Walk Season 1 Volume 6
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The Weekly Walk continues with Vol 7 Here is the list of topics we discussed in this week’s show Our … Read More

REVIEW: All In Golfing Headcovers
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It didn’t take me very long to fall in LOVE with All In Golfing. I came across their IG account … Read More

E50: The Weekly Walk Season 1 Volume 5
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HOLY CRAP! Episode 50 is here! So excited that we’ve made it this far with the show. The rumors are … Read More

E49: FN3P Golf owner Jordan Yanni
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FN3P Golf owner and operator Jordan Yanni. I love chatting with new brands like FN3P Golf and finding out what … Read More

OG FEEL Review from TRUE Linkswear
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It’s what I’ve come to expect from TRUE Linkswear, fantastic comfort. Time and time again, TRUE does what it takes … Read More

E48: The Weekly Walk Season 1 Volume 4
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WHAT HAPPENED THIS PAST WEEK? Who won the Wyndham?? Jim Herman 61, 63 on the weekend US Amateur – Bandon … Read More

E47: The Weekly Walk Season 1 Volume 3
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OPENING SEGMENT Welcome to the show Welcome in the new listeners we have recently added Talk about the IG Giveaway … Read More

E46: The Weekly Walk Season 1 Volume 2
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The Weekly Walk: Season 1 Volume 2 Welcome back to another edition of the Weekly Walk. In this week’s episode, … Read More

E45: The Weekly Walk: Season 1 Volume 1
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A new era has begun with The Chasing Daylight Podcast! Today I welcome in a new co-host, Joe, from @hittingreens. … Read More

E44: The Lost Hardenbrook Tape
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I thought this recording was lost forever! I looked everywhere for it, and I was devastated that it never made … Read More

E43: A Golfers Bad Play Rant
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It happens to us all. Even the guys who get paid millions of dollars. A lousy round is inevitable, and … Read More

Duca del Cosma Vinci Golf Shoe Review
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Love at First Lace; A review of Duca del Cosma’s Vinci golf shoe Hey everyone! Captain Obvious here with some … Read More

E42: Brian Oar, Golf Course Photographer
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Talking with Brian Oar was an absolute joy for me. As a former freelance photographer, the world of photography has … Read More

E41: Legends Never Dye Wrap up
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Wrapping up our event Legends Never Dye What a day, what a day. Legends Never Dye is in the books … Read More

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What a day, what a day, Legends Never Dye is in the books! Our first ever Legends Never Dye event, … Read More

E40: Stamp Yours brothers Nick and Elie
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What a blast it was talking with the Jammal brothers about their company Stamp Yours. Stamp Yours is simply amazing. … Read More

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