King of the Green


Welcome to the King of the Green page for the VGN TOUR.

We are honored to announce that Breakthrough Golf Technology has hopped on as the VGN Putting Series Sponsor.

The Schedule for the 2021 Season of the King of the Green can be found HERE.

What is the King of the Green?

Everyone loves a little competition. So, we at the VGN decided it would be a great idea to have some of our members go toe to toe in a bracketed style putting competition.

There will be three events per year. Each event will have 24 spots that will be up for grabs. The first eight players to register will receive a first-round bye. The remaining 16 players will be seated based on the order of entry. We will be able to announce starting times once the field is set. The winner of the first event will have an exemption (meaning their place is secure) in the next match, and they will receive one of the first-round bye spots.

The first three rounds of play are nine-hole putting matches consisting of an alternate shot to a pin of the player’s choice.

How we play the matches:


  • Player A will pick the pin for holes 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9
  • Player B will pick the pins for holes 2, 4, 6 & 8

There is a slight advantage for a player going second as they will get to see the putt first a total of five times over the nine holes. But, they can only choose 4 holes to play to. A coin flip will decide who gets to choose between Odd holes or Even holes. The Odd player goes first and you will rotate until the match is completed.

In the event of a tie, the match will continue as SUDDEN DEATH, with the player recording the best score on the next hole the winner. If there is no winner on the first hole, it will proceed as the match was played in regulation until a winner is determined.

  • There are no preset hole locations. The putting green will be open to any flag from any length (minimum 8′). And, the ball must be resting on the putting surface to be considered in play.
  • The bracket matches will be STROKE play. You will need to record every stroke, and we will be playing the ball to the bottom of the cup.
  • The Final will be Match Play. It will consist of 18 holes if needed. Putts may be conceded in the Finals.
  • There will be a nine-hole match between the two players who lost in the quarterfinals to determine who takes 3rd place. That will also be MATCH PLAY and follow the same rules as the Finals.

To the winners go the spoils.

Breakthrough Golf Technology, as our sponsor, will be awarding the winner of each event a BGT Shaft. You will be able to send in your putter to the BGT Factory and have it outfitted with one of their amazing putter shafts. It will then be returned at no cost to the winner. That’s one hell of a prize!

Breakthrough Golf Technology


Also, the winner will receive the coveted KING OF THE GREEN CHAMPIONSHIP BELT. (Seen here with Joe from @Hittingreens),

The belt will be the winners to hold on to until they lose it.

But wait, there is one last thing you’ll win, aside from the prize money. We have a special ball marker for the winner to also hold on to as long as they are the champ. The belt is flashy and the winnings are nice, but with the ball marker, you’ll be able to use it during your rounds of golf, in between events, until someone beats you.

Entry Fees and Payouts

The cost to enter the King of the Green events is $30. Pending any additional fees the courses may charge us for “using” their facilities, the breakdown for the payouts should go as follows:

  • 1st – $200.00
  • 2nd – $150.00
  • 3rd – $50.00

Please remember, these events are only open to VGN Tour members. If you are not a member of the VGN Tour, please check out this link to find out how you can join.

The VGN Tour