E46: The Weekly Walk Season 1 Volume 2

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Chasing Daylight

The Weekly Walk: Season 1 Volume 2

Welcome back to another edition of the Weekly Walk. In this week’s episode, we had a lot to talk about, here is the rundown:

What happened last week in golf

What’s on tap for this week

  • The season FIRST MAJOR is here, and we make our picks for the PGA Championship
  • We chatted about our upcoming match against a couple of VGN’ers Kyle and Jeremy out at Boulder Creek

Look at this Instagram

“Look at this Instagram” is quickly becoming my favorite segment of the podcast! This week we took a look at two more IG accounts, we believe, deserve a follow

Ranking Vegas

We had some more hate for our Vegas rankings that was enticed by my desire to find out what is everyone’s most OVERRATED golf course in Vegas. Cliff chimed in why he feels its Pauite, which mainly revolved around us ranking Paiute as No’s 1, 2 & 3 in the valley.

Of course, we have to defend ourselves.

Wrapping up the episode

We touched on the new Cleveland ZIPCORE Wedges that just came in for Joe to review. And Joe was kind enough to throw a B3 Shop plug out there so we, of course, had to chat about some club building and some new goodies coming from Metal Remnants and Stamp Yours.

The biggest question, though. Is The Buttsy going to come on the show?

Here are a few links to get caught up on a few previous episodes we mentioned during this show:

Here is the episode if you’s like to stay on this page and listen:


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