E60: The Weekly Walk: Season 1 Volume 12

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Chasing Daylight

Yet another milestone.

I know, I know. Get over ourselves. I’m not sure why, but for some reason, No. 60 feels important.

This episode is jam-packed with all kinds of goodness.

The Shriners was this past weekend, and coming up this weekend, out at Shadow Creek is the CJ Cup. So, this episode is loaded with Vegas golf talk along with all the other items we cover in The Weekly Walk.

Look at this Instagram,

the picks this week were:

For our locks of the week,

I’ve enlisted a standings page that we’re going to update weekly to see, at the end of the season (20/21), who is the best at picking winners for the PGA TOUR.

As always, a huge shout out to Good Walk Coffee Co for their ongoing support of this show! Please make sure you utilize our discount code and save yourself 15% off your next order.

The code is CDPODCAST.

It can also be used at a few other places like Fury Golf and FN3P Golf.  Thank you very much for listening in on the shows. We’ve loved every minute of what we have been doing lately and hope to continue to do so for the months and years to come! Thanks!!


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