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The latest shoe to leave the TRUE Linkswear warehouse, the TL-01, is a winner!

If you’ve been following this blog for more than six months, you know I’m a fanboy when it comes to TRUE Linkswear. Lately, TRUE has been on a tear when it comes to new releases. That holds even more true (see what I did there) for their latest shoe, the TL-01

Click HERE to see the IGTV Video I made of my unboxing unbagging of the TL-01.

Casual sneaker, I’d like to introduce you to golf.

I’ve been reviewing shoes from TRUE for nearly eight years now. They have had their ups and downs, but now they seem to have all the right team members in place and are killing it, in my opinion. While TRUE has always represented to me a more casual version of a golf shoe, they have never released a shoe targeted explicitly for that aspect.

For me, TRUE’s have been my go shoe for a while. I left out “Golf” because I tend to wear my TRUE’s more frequently off the course than on. I’ve been wearing my KNITS as a casual shoe since receiving my first pair when they were released a few years back. In Vegas, in the summer, there isn’t a better shoe. But with the TL-01 hitting the shelves, TRUE has now taken the casual golf shoe game to a new level.

What makes the TL-01 so different?

There isn’t one person I have encountered that would consider the TL-01 a golf shoe. That is until the check out the sole. Once you flip the TL-01 over, the golf side of the sneaker smacks you in the face, and you’re instantly eager to step into the shoe and test out the traction.


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The appearance of the TL-01 doesn’t scream golf. Hell, it doesn’t even whimsically whisper golf, and that is where TRUE has done an outstanding job compared to versions in the past. Where the KNITS and the MAJOR can be worn off the course without much speculation that you’re in a golf shoe, they don’t carry with them the casual demeanor a relaxed sneaker does.

The TL-01 is the complete opposite. It is a casual, relaxed-looking shoe with a very aggressive golf tread. There is not a chance unless someone is peaking at the soles of your shoe; anyone would consider it a golf shoe.

More about the new TL-01 from the TRUE Linkswear website

Introducing the TL-01. A shoe created to seamlessly transition from the office to the links and everywhere in between. Crafted from the most beautiful weatherproof full-grain Nappa leather, the TL-01 is durable and stylish enough for any endeavor.

Looks can be deceiving, and in the case of TL-01, that is a perfect thing. It weighs in at a mere 8.7 oz., allowing for your lightest and most comfortable walk yet. Packed in our reusable TRUE MFG Co. canvas bag, TL-01 is versatile by design and built with your lifestyle in mind. The standard width design, coupled with premium leather, will mold to your foot like a well-oiled baseball glove over time – ensuring you a comfortable walk.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT: 8.7 oz in a full-grain Nappa leather upper is unheard of
  • ZERO DROP CUSHION: EVA cushioned midsole in a neutral platform for natural balance and stability
  • WEATHEREADY: Just enough protection to keep you dry on damp days yet breathable on those warmer days
  • VERSATILE TRACTION: Don’t be fooled by its off-course appearance, the TL-01 boasts just as much tread as any shoe in our history, resulting in great on-course traction
  • NEUTRAL WIDTH: Still designed around the shape of the natural foot, this classic silhouette fits a standard to 1E width (molds to your foot over time)

What I’ve enjoyed most about the TL-01 sneaker

I could go on for several paragraphs about the comfort of this shoe. It’s meet all of my expectations. The TL-01 is incredibly lightweight; I mean UNBELIEVABLY light. As the TRUE website stated above, under 9oz for a full-grain Nappa leather upper is just not seen out there.


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The lightweight construction makes them a pleasure to wear, and I wear them a ton. With the lightweight feature, you might get a sense the stability might take a back seat. I haven’t noticed that at all. I’ve spent a handful of days wearing the sneakers on the course. Then, after the round, handling all my everyday activities.

The TL-01’s have been an absolute joy to wear. But, because they are such a casual looking shoe, I’m wearing them more to go to functions than on the golf course. I don’t want to beat them up on the course. They’re too nice! HA! It looks like I’m going to have to add another colorway to be my “golf only” pair. More than likely, my current pair will be those, and I’m going to grab some of the new Night Camo versions to be my “off the course” shoe.

As much as these are casual sneakers, let’s not forget, this is a golf shoe.

Yes, they can be worn off the course like a sneaky ninja golfer. However, these sneakers have some golf fundamentals that I feel the majority of players will enjoy. The outer shell is from a high-quality, but lightweight grade Nappa leather. Lightweight and leather are music to ears of golfers who play in the summer heat or the damp mornings.

But, it goes without saying the most dominate feature of the TL-01 sneaker is the VERY AGGRESSIVE sole. TRUE wasn’t messing around when they designed this area of the shoe. It’s, by far, the meatiest and most aggressive shoe bottom I’ve ever seen on a TRUE Linskwear product. With the minimal weight of the sneaker, there needs to be a firm foundation with the ground. Being a Zero Drop shoe does help, but with the addition of this new tread, they TL-01 are like velcro to the grass. Even in dew and damp conditions.

I would love to see TRUE bring this tread to some of the other shoes in the line. I think it is a massive improvement over the sole you find on the Knits nad the MAJOR releases. Will they do that? Time will tell, but as far as I’m concerned, the tread on the TL-01 is a showstopper. Well done, TRUE!

The TL-01 colorways and a special release.

The TL-01 sneaker comes in three colorways.

  • Black
  • Grey
  • White


There was also a release of the Night Camo in the ORIGINAL version, as well as the TL-01 that is a huge hit!

TL-01 Night Camo


TRUE has been killing it with the special releases. Teaming up with Linksoul, having a special version of the KNITS to raise money for MS. And, this Night Camo release is excellent. I hope they continue to produce special releases like this going forward. They are a big hit within the TRUE community, and I’m starting to see a lot more of them out on the golf course.

If you’re looking to add a lightweight, casual sneaker that will perform on the course as well as off, the TL-01 is for you.

Yet again, TRUE Linkswear has come through with another shoe that I love. It’s hard to believe, I know. While I am a fanboy of what TRUE has been up to lately, I wouldn’t want to mislead you in any way. Had this shoe not hit all the right bullet points, I would have let you know. The problem is, and it’s a good one for TRUE, they are getting much better as meeting the demands their customers are putting on them. Some people may not find the inner sock liner to be the best, and I can understand their gripes. But I think it’s an excellent feature, and I’m glad they have stuck with utilizing it over several different products.

Visit the TRUE Linkswear Website and grab yourself a pair

Have a look for yourself on the TRUE Linkswear WEBSITE and come up with your conclusion. Of course, I hope what I have had to say here at least gets you over to their site and perks your ears a bit. Enough at least to consider trying them out. They do come with a 30 day trial on all shoes, so you’re covered if you despise them. Haha, not a chance, they’re too good!

The TL-01 has a retail price of $149.00, and that goes for the Night Camo as well (while supplies last). And remember, all the TRUE shoes now come shipped in a reusable shoe bag! If you do end up buying a pair, be sure to let the powers that be over at TRUE know you came over from The Breakfast Ball! We love it when we get messages from them about referrals!


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