Tommie Copper Znergy® Apparel Review

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The primary focus of Tommie Copper, Inc. is compression apparel.

Their lines include compression sleeves, socks, gloves, braces, underwear and orthotics, all infused with their patent-pending Copper Znergy technology. Their copper weave material is meant to help with support in everyday life and energy throughout activities. It is also designed to help you to recover from an active day.

Copper has long been relatively believed to help with symptoms of inflammation and pain. Ancient Egypt found it as a valid medical treatment. Today, many patients wear copper bracelets, anklets and necklaces regularly to support their medications for arthritis and joint relief.

Tommie Copper

Wearing some compression apparel, especially combined with the copper weave from Tommie Copper, is meant to help reduce soreness, stiffness, swelling, and pain. Wearing a compression sleeve can help to pinpoint a particular problem area, such as reducing joint pain in a knee, ankle or elbow. Compared to wearing compression apparel which can help with a larger area, for instance, many weightlifters and runners wear leggings to help reduce lactic acid buildup in the lower body after completing squats during leg day.

Tommie Copper Bottoms

My favorite product I tried from Tommie Copper is their capri leggings. Unfortunately, the LPGA has recently released a statement-making their dress code a little more strict, and therefore leggings will not be allowed as pants on the big Tour. Thankfully, they’re still pretty acceptable at most golf courses throughout the states.

Once in a while, I will choose to wear leggings myself when it’s chilly outside, and I want to get some work in on the driving range, but I regularly decide to wear them to work out at the gym as well as to wear them out in public. One, because, according to my mom, they’re much more beautiful and more acceptable than wearing my favorite – albeit, four sizes too big – baggy sweats in public. And two, because I can pair them with a cute t-shirt and dress and look like I tried to look acceptable when I’m wearing my workout clothes to be comfortable out at dinner.


Some leggings, sadly, have a problem of being completely see-through though.

For this reason, I chose to try out a white option from Tommie Copper to put their product to the test. Because, if leggings are going to be see-through, then their white pair would be the worst culprit. But thankfully, no one in my last yoga class got a seriously inappropriate view of my bum during downward dog, which was quite surprising to me.

Usually, when leggings feel very lightweight but still have significant compression, they are made from a very, very thin material. That can lead to a very aggressive view when you bend over. Back in 2013, Lululemon had that problem with their leggings. They had to recall over 17% of their inventory at the time and regrettably made women everywhere apprehensive of buying accidentally sheer leggings ever again. Thankfully, Tommie Copper figured out how to have a very lightweight material combine with an excellent compression feel while still having the functionality of having pants which cover what needs to be covered throughout the day – even while bent over in downward facing dog.

Tommie Copper

Their leggings also have a small zipper pocket in the back, perfect for a small iPod or your ID or something like that at the gym, as well as a smaller, slightly padded, key pocket in the front. This is a pocket I will personally never use because I don’t believe in running, and I don’t regularly use a locker at the gym, but for you runners out there, and for those of you whose gym doesn’t let you bring your bag into the workrooms, I know this is a must for your workout clothes.


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Tommie Copper has these capris in the same style in full-length pants as well as in shorts. They also have a core compression option alongside their performance compression bottoms. The difference of the performance compression compared to the core compression styles is a thicker waistband with added compression for lumbar support of the lower back, which is another reason I love these leggings. Golf tends to put excessive pressure on a players’ back, combined with the amount of heavy lifting I do at the gym, and the extra support from these bottoms helps me to recover quicker and have less lower back pain after an excessively active day on the course. Or, in the weight room.

Tommie Copper Panties

Another article by Tommie Copper apparel I tried out is their bikini style underwear.

Ladies, the moisture-wicking, and odor-reducing agencies work. This Las Vegas summer has been miserable on the golf course, but having these panties to help reduce the ever-present swamp ass has been a lifesaver around the fourteenth hole of these sticky, swelteringly sweaty rounds.

The seam is a little thicker than what I am used to though, so if you don’t want to see those unsightly panty lines under your shorts, I would be extra careful about which clothing you choose to wear over them.

I tried out their bikini style, but they also have a hipster version, which has a thicker waistband that sits a little higher on the hips. That’s a personal preference, but both versions are designed not to ride up or roll down, whether you’re spending all day on the course, just hitting the gym, or spending your day in the office.

Tommie Copper Socks

Where I noticed the Tommie Copper Copper Znergy® technology, the most was with their socks. I first wore them for a full day of activities; I played 18, spent a few hours on the range and then went to the gym. Because if I’m going to test these babies out, I’m going to put them through the wringer best I can.

Usually, during a day like that, I’ll change my socks at least once, if not twice, and at the end of the day I still just want to get home and put my feet in the pool to let them cool down, but with the Tommie Copper socks my feet didn’t feel nearly as exhausted as usual. The socks are incredibly comfortable, and they truly help with fatigue and increased circulation to keep your feet happy all day.

Tommie Copper

They also have a thicker band around the ankle which helps them not to slip down and get lost in the abyss of your shoe. There is nothing worse than walking up the 18th fairway with only half a sock on your left foot without the time to fix it before your next shot.

Tommie Copper did an excellent job designing a very acceptable sock for the compression aspect as well as for comfortability.

Tommie Copper Shoulder Support T-Shirt

I, also, tried out their shoulder centric compression support t-shirt. This shirt is designed to help relieve thoracic back pain caused by poor posture. This shirt would be great to help keep your position while sitting behind a desk at the office all day, and since it is a compression shirt, it could go under a button-up shirt effortless to stay professional.

I would say to wear it on its own, but the design of the shoulder centric support has some huge seams over the entire shoulder girdle and looks a little refreshing from the backside and every time I wear it I get inundated with questions about it. From some people, I know, and others I don’t. If you’re okay answering questions about your shirt all day, then go for it, but otherwise just wearing it as an undershirt will be sure to help keep your posture in check and, in turn, improve your back, without all the unsolicited questions.

I like that it has UPF 50+ for being active outdoors (apparently right about when you turn 25 is when you realize that you really should listen to your mom and worry about sun protection) and with the posture support of this shirt, I think it would be great on a hiking or backpacking trip. Regrettably, this particular shirt isn’t very breathable.

I mean it’s hot in Vegas right now, so anything I wear feels like I am getting a bear hug from the Devil himself. But this shirt doesn’t allow even a small breeze to reach my body. I also wore it to my gym that has a Big Ass Fan above the weight area and couldn’t feel the airflow on my back in the least, which is usually pretty much the only relief during a heavy lift. That was easily the sweatiest dead-lift day in my life, with sweat just dripping down my back with every movement.

After sweating my butt off, I looked at the Tommie Copper website and realized the shoulder centric compression shirt could also be used for recovery like any other compression apparel can be. So I did some laundry that night and wore the shirt again the next day – which of course garnered some questions from my fashion savvy sister, but it was worth it. The copper compression is meant to help reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and wearing it after a day of heavy activity helped to reduce my recovery time and reduce the fatigue in my back muscles to help me get back on the course in playing shape quicker than usual.

Tommie Copper Orthotics

The final Tommie Copper product I tried out is their memory foam, orthotic shoe inserts that I put into a pair of my favorite golf shoes.

The orthotics are incredibly comfortable, but they’re thick. If you are going to wear the inserts make sure the shoes you are putting them in are about a half-size too big. The inserts will fill the extra space, or else your toes will get all squished and feel uncomfortable without the spare room. I tried to put them into my workout sneakers, but those are already a snug fit, and the inserts made my shoes much too small actually to wear.

And they’re hot. It might be the copper infusion, but they are warm to wear. Which I think would be the difference in their sport’s version compared to the ones I tried out. I would recommend this version for regular wear, to the office or out for a day on the town, as my feet felt fabulous with the padding under my soles.

The support and comfort they give my feet are unbeatable compared to some other orthotics I have tried in the past. But, if you are going to put them in your golf shoes, I’d make sure to get the active version for the breath-ability. Although, after six hours of sweating in them on the range and the golf course, they didn’t smell at all! That’s an improvement over my regular smelly shoes that have a habit of turning my trunk into what smells like a high school football locker room.

In summary

Everything I tried from Tommie Copper fit as expected. Sometimes it’s hard to decide on sizes when ordering from a new company because each one has a different compression material and it can easily run too tight or much too loose, but Tommie Copper has done an excellent job adhering to standards, so it is less of a guessing game while on their website.

Their patent-pending Copper Znergy® technology is on pace with medicinal beliefs that Copper can help reduce pain and inflammation and combined with their compression materials, makes for some unique pieces for the everyday athlete.

Tommie Copper makes some top of the line compression apparel. If you are currently looking for quality compression clothing or sleeves, to help with inflammation or pain, to give everyday support or to aid with workout recovery, then this company should be at the top of your list.

Please visit the Tommie Copper Website by clicking HERE. Where you can view all the products, I reviewed in this article along with many other products as well.

And as always, if this article has you thinking about giving Tommie Copper a try, then show them some support and follow along via their social media accounts. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Pinterest.

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