TOMO Golf Shoes Review. Amazingly Comfortable.

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Sacrificing comfort was not in the cards when TOMO created their new line of Golf shoes.

In a golf shoe, comfort is often overlooked, which is crazy in my opinion. TOMO decided from the beginning that comfort was going to be on front page of their design. And oh boy did they nail it with this release.

I’ve been eager to write this review for a while. But, since the weather around the US has been rather dismal of late, I decided to wait.

Why? Well, being a knit version I felt it would be a disservice to write about the shoe in the dead of winter. Yes, you might find the article interesting and informative. But, are you going to go out and obtain a pair of the TOMO’s when there is 6″ of snow on the ground. Or, let’s say a POLAR VORTEX is pounding the temps down in the -40° range. A summer knit shoe isn’t something that would keep your attention for more than 20 sec.

But, now the end of winter is in sight! Woo Hoo! And people all across the country are starting to plan their summer vacations. So I feel it’s a fitting time, now, to publish this article and help you all get a just a tad bit more excited about TOMO and what they are doing.

A little history on TOMO

The following is from their “Our Story” page from their website;

As a boy in Taiwan, Sunny Chou spent much of his time imagining and sketching the gear he saw his heroes wear – Michael Jordan’s famous jersey and the iconic basketball shoes. By the time he grew up, he honed his drawing hobby into a proper skill and learned about another favorite hobby – golf. After finishing business school, Sunny began to materialize the concept of TOMO, a modern golf company doing business in the modern way. To him, this meant a consumer-driven company offering high quality, fashion forward products made in a socially responsible way at a fair price. It was then TOMO spikeless golf shoes were born.

Over the past year, we’ve traveled the world searching for the highest-quality materials, elite production partners and the most advanced technologies with a goal of crafting a spikeless golf shoe that feels great, looks great and has a price tag you can feel great about.
And while we call it a “golf shoe”, don’t be fooled. We’ve designed this shoe to go beyond the course. From driveway to fairway is what we like to say.

Golf should be a game for anyone so we created a golf shoe for everyone.


A little info on the TOMO Volume 1 Shoe

  • Contour Fit: A water-resistant, single-layer knit that provides a customized fit.
  • Lightweight: Less is more at only 9.8 oz. Your feet will never get tired in these pillow-y shoes.
  • Soft-Landing: A 30-50 percent thicker than average insole means you will feel like you’re walking on clouds.
  • Better Memory: Our unique material offers memory-foam comfort without the memory foam heat, keeping you cool all day
  • FLEX Sole: Infused with FLEX Tech, these soles are soft and bouncy. Energy returns with every step allowing you to walk effortlessly as you enjoy #comfortbeyondbelief.

So wait, another knit shoe?

I’m not going to lie; when I started seeing TOMO pop up everywhere, you know, on that Instagram thing, those were my initial thoughts.

After more and more of the people I respect started voicing their opinions, I was intrigued to find out for myself.

I’ve been involved in the golf industry for about seven years now; the early stages of this blog was more rants and chatter than reviews. My desire to learn more about the industry has come to life ever since we’ve focused our articles on reviews. I say all that because there was a trend that took off last year, the knit golf shoe.


Adidas had their Tour360 Knit release. The shoe giant, Nike, took their wildly popular running shoe, the FlyKnit, and put a golf tread on it. Even the PNW brand, TRUE Linkswear, released their first version of knit golf shoe as well.

So why not add another version to the already bustling segment?

Cause TOMO has to power to do so, and they offer something that is different. When you break it down, yes, this is another knit shoe. I’m not trying to convince anyone this is a revolutionary design. However, it is unlike any golf shoe I have ever worn. And, if I’m honest with you all, I wear it more off the course than on the course. I’ll get to my reasoning why in a bit.


As a golfer, I look for several items when it comes to shoes. And, if you’ve read any of my other shoe reviews you know a lot of that revolves around comfort.

It has to be comfortable, it has to be functional, and it needs to be somewhat stylish. With the later being least significant in my opinion. Simply put, if a clown shoe gave me the comfort I desired and the performance I seek then I’m rocking them!

Let’s take a look at each section in reverse order.


It’s a simple look, and I’m a fan. It’s not easy to “spice” up knit, and I think TOMO looked at that aspect of the shoe and kept it simple. The laces flow nicely with the shoe and how TOMO incorporated them. The laces do run a little long. Ryan owns a pair as well, and I asked him if he noticed the same thing. Ryans foot is about four and a half sizes larger than mine, and he said he didn’t see anything wrong with the length. We think there’s a one size fits all lace, so the larger shoes use more than a smaller version.

The base of the shoe, from the side view, is large and looks like it would offer a lot of support. After wearing them, I believe the larger base is to house the incredibly soft insole of the shoe.


Being a simple shoe, design-wise, TOMO would have had to go out of their way to mess it up. It looks cool, and when you’re wearing it, you feel cool.


I’m going to look at this from two viewpoints. The golf side and the casual wear side.

I love a golf shoe that can double as a casual wear item also. TRUE has been killing it with their versions of these and TOMO has stepped right in and joined them. You can’t find the comfort you get in a TOMO shoe anywhere else. And while I’m a huge fan of wearing other golf brands out on date night, the TOMO’s have been rockstars.


Golf-wise though, I have some reservations. While the comfort and Style is spot on, there’s one thing missing, and that’s stability.

A golf shoe has to have the stability to be ideal on the course. The traction is excellent, and sole on the shoe is unique, but as with most mesh shoes the upper stability isn’t there. I found my foot to slide around quite a bit in the toe area during full swings, and a severe lie can be problematic.

I’m not entirely against this TOMO version as a golf shoe. There are going to be instances this upcoming summer when I’m going to game them. The comfort is just insane, and during the 110-degree heat of the Vegas summer, I’m going to enjoy the lightweight, breathable features.


There is no doubt in my mind this is one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever put on my feet. It’s evident to me, the plan was the comfort, and they nailed it from heel to toe.

The cushion on the insole makes you feel like you’re floating on the clouds. After I opened the box and slipped on the TOMO, the soft cushiony feeling blew me away. It felt like I was wearing ten pairs of socks.

I could walk ten miles in the TOMO’s and not regret one minute. As far as an everyday shoe goes, they have me locked up for a while.

Aside from the lack of stability while swinging, the TOMO is excellent on the course, I found myself waving off my cart partner and telling them I was walking up to the green quite a bit. Once the cooler weather hit the valley, they hit the closet as far as golf goes. They have been my everyday shoe choice in the rest of my activities though. I’m not kidding; they’re crazy comfortable.

The price point will make you happy.

The TOMO Volume 1 sells for $95. For a quality shoe that is an excellent price. Add in the fact it has design elements meant for the golf course, and you have an attractive price point. With many retailers carry knit shoes nowadays you can look to spend anywhere from $125 to $175, Coming in way below the prevailing rate is a fantastic way to get some sales and get some TOMO on the feet of golfers.

You have a few options,

With the name “Volume 1” I think it’s safe to assume this isn’t going to be the only shoe we see from TOMO. But, until that day comes here are the options or colorways, you’ll find when you hit up the website,

  • Stone
  • Charcoal
  • Forest
  • Sand

I’m going to be looking to add the Stone version this summer. I love the clean white look and come on, that red sole is money!



We think TOMO is off to a great start

As a first release, I believe TOMO did an excellent job. They very active on their social pages and I genuinely feel they want golfers to enjoy themselves while wearing their shoes. Ryan and I are both looking forward to what comes next. Be it the Volume 2 or another design. They have a great future ahead, and we’re excited for them.


To check out the Volume 1 shoe head on over to the TOMO Website and see which ones you like best.

Then be sure to give their social pages a follow as well. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

For a clickable photo gallery, please select PAGE 2 below.

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