Topgolf Las Vegas Opens Its Doors

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Topgolf Las Vegas opens up shop, just off the fabulous Strip, bringing their brand of Golf Entertainment to the masses, of tourist!

There’s been a ton of “new” in Las Vegas of late. From the opening of the T-Mobile arena to the brand new IKEA, construction in progress of a few Cracker Barrels and the constant rumors of Chick-Fil-A, there’s undoubtedly been some buzz in regards to my city. Even with the pending demise of the Wynn Golf Course, golfers in the valley have something to be happy about and hopefully to all of them they feel like I do believe the most exciting of all of these new openings took place last week when Topgolf Las Vegas open it’s doors to the public.

Early last year Topgolf announced they were coming to Vegas and since the day of that press release I’ve been waiting ever so patiently for the day the bays opened and the fun to begin.

After only seeing Topgolf in photos via my Instagram and Twitter feeds I wasn’t completely surprised by what I was about to see, but that didn’t prevent me from being impressed by any means. The facility is incredible, and it will present you with some wow factor, they hit the ball on the screws with the overall appearance. It’s a show stopper

Topgolf Las Vegas


The staff was incredible from the Valets (yes, you’re going to need to valet unless you want to park a few blocks down the street at the MGM parking garage.) to the greeters at the front doors and our bay attendant. You can tell customer service is a crucial element to the success of the company. It may have only been opening weekend, and all the employees were in tip-top shape for the customer interactions but they nailed it, and it left an impression.

Topgolf Las Vegas


You’ll have to forgive me a bit with the photos. I had some free time on Memorial Day, so I grabbed the kids and headed down to check the place out. It was warm and sunny out, and the photos don’t showcase the awe Topgolf Las Vegas. All I can suggest is you go check it out.

OK, disclaimer out of the way…

After entering, we made our way to the check-in line. There were plenty of employees behind the counter, so the wait was minimal at best. The check-in process took less than 5min, which was a relief considering I had both of my kids with me.

After the front counter took down my number, they gave us two options. We were more than welcome to stay inside, where it was much cooler. Or we could go check out the lounge area called “The Yard.”

In the Yard, there are BIG ASS screens, Sports Book style featuring live broadcasts. The chairs were very comfortable, and I enjoyed sitting down relaxing while my girls played some bean bag toss (I hate calling it corn hole) and had their first experience with a bar-style shuffleboard game.

Across from the yard sits the range where you get your first real glimpse of the action. It very dark inside the bays so I brightened the photos up otherwise this would have looked like a silhouette.

Topgolf Las Vegas


We had been waiting about 10min when I received a text:

Topgolf Las Vegas

Talking about taking advantage of technology.

Nicholas escorted us to our bay where he introduced us to out Bay host. I apologize for not remembering her name. She took over from there explaining how everything works and getting us all logged into the system so we could play the games they offer.

Topgolf Las Vegas


I have to admit the view is pretty killer. With the Strip in the distant, it has a beautiful backdrop. Levels 1 & 2 are set up for all ages and levels 3 & 4 are for the adults 21 and over only.

Because I was with kids, I asked for the second level just to give them a little bit more of an experience than what they’re used to compared to hitting off the bottom deck at TaylorMade.

After going this first time, I would recommend waiting for a bay in the center more. My older daughter can get the ball down the range, so she had a good time, but my little one struggled with aiming far left to try and hit into the 70-yard target. She had plenty of distance, but you could tell she was having an issue getting the concept in her head that she needed to aim away from where the mats were lined up. Regardless she still had a lot of fun which made me happy.

Topgolf Las Vegas


Topgolf Las Vegas

The closest thing I can relate Topgolf to is a bowling alley. You can bring your own clubs (like I wasn’t going to do that) or you can just show up and use the clubs they provide. Which to my eye look a lot like some Callaways, but I could be wrong you could decide for yourself.

Being this is a tourist destination rather than a practice your game facility; it didn’t surprise me at all that the majority of the people around us were all using the provided clubs.

Topgolf Las Vegas


The games they offer look entertaining but we went with the suggested Topgolf game, and the kids had a blast. Watching their faces light up after registering points was the highlight of the day for them and me! For the hour we had we got in two games of Topgolf (mind you this was with a 10-year-old and a 7-year-old), and after the second game, there was still about 10 minutes on the clock.

So I got a few minutes to mess around with a couple of the other games while the kids took a relaxing time out on the soft couches and watched a little TGTV they have set up in each bay.

Topgolf Las Vegas

It’s great to bring the kids and just hack around, but I could also see it as a great way to let off some steam and have a good time with your friends without the pressure of putting in some work at the range.

I spent a total of $65 ($15 of that was their $5 membership for each of us) and had a great time with my kids doing something we all love. It not a $5 bucket of balls at your local course but I can pretty much guarantee your local spot doesn’t offer all the variety you’ll experience at a place like Topgolf Las Vegas.

Topgolf Las Vegas


I’m definitely hooked after this first outing and can totally see why the Topgolf phenomenon is sweeping the country. I saw people who had some severe range game having a great time, and I saw a handful of people who, if I had to guess, had probably never picked up a golf club until they stepped into the bay.

I think that’s awesome for golf and it’s future growth. Topgolf is an excellent venue for people who want to enjoy the game and not feel pressured to act right, behave, follow the rules or dress codes and have some fun swinging away at some golf balls. Throw in a bar or two, a swimming pool, some good dance music, the lights and glam of Vegas and BOOM, let the fun ensue.

Topgolf Las Vegas


I’m looking forward to the next time I venture over to Topgolf Las Vegas, the staff was excellent, the golf was practical and fun, and most importantly I need to get my ass to the upper levels just to see what’s going on up there. I’ll certainly be hitting up the wife for a night out or at least start hitting up the management personnel at my work and suggest a “company outing.”

Stop by the Topgolf Las Vegas Website and see what all the buzz surrounding this place is. They are also pretty active on their social media accounts Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / YouTube so give them a follow.


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  1. Ashley Micciche
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    Love the review, Mathew! Top Golf is coming to Oregon this summer and reading this review gets me even more excited! I’m glad to hear you had a great experience. As you said, I think it’s a great opportunity to introduce non-golfers to the game and brainwash them into thinking it’s this fun all the time! 🙂

    I’ll be taking all my girlfriends when it opens!

  2. Topgolf Las Vegas
    | Reply

    Thanks for the great write-up!! Appreciate the support! Can’t wait to have you back!!

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