PHOTOS: Torrey Pines – North Course

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Torrey Pines – North Course Photo Gallery

Photos were taken April 22nd, 2017

It was quite the birthday weekend back in April. Playing both the North and South courses at the famed Torrey Pines Golf Club.

The weather was near perfect and I couldn’t have asked for better company.

The North course was redesigned in 2016. Since this was my first time ever playing Torrey I don’t have any way of comparing it to the previous version. I did like the layout though. The course is challenging and has some spectacular views you just don’t see here in Nevada.

I played pretty well until I made some silly mistakes on the back that cost me some scoring opportunities. Then the ascent up the 16th fairway put the nail in the coffin of my out of shape self. Even though I was exhausted I managed to close out the round with a couple of pars after a friendly cart path bounce in my favor added about 60 yards to my 18th drive. I had to punch a 6 iron to avoid the tree on the right and got a perfect bounce and roll to leave me with a 20 footer for birdie. Yeah, I missed the putt.

Regardless of the outcome, I was happy with the round. It had been a while since I walked a course and hey, this was Torrey Pines!

Enjoy the photos. I’ll have the photos from the South course up on either Thursday or Friday. Now that’s a damn fine golf course!

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    Awesome golf courses……..

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