Tuscany Golf Club

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Tuscany Golf Club, Henderson, NV

Yesterday was awesome! My score didn’t reflect that but what a great day out on the course.

I ended up with a 99. 49 on the front and 50 on the back. I made a lot of little errors that really added up at the end of the round. Bad chip here, bad chip there and next thing you know you approaching triple digits! I was happy with the way I played overall, and the mistakes I made were pure lack of focus. I was hoping that the range session I had on Tuesday was going to transfer quickly to the course, but that wasn’t the case. It’s going to take some time to develop that. On several shots I really got into the moment and made some really nice swings, but the majority of the time I just couldn’t get into that “Zone” that I was able to get into on the range.

My driver was better than it’s been in a long time. I started out really well, hitting my first four fairways and was making solid contact.  On the fifth hole I made a horrible swing with the driver and that swing got lodged in my head and couldn’t find its way out. The next hole, a Par 5, I was on the green in three and had about a 50 foot putt for birdie. I ended up three putting the hole, my only one on the day, and that was another moment that got stuck in my head and wouldn’t leave.

I missed a whole lot of putts just a few inches to the side of the cup. I had 34 putts on the day and could have easily had 28. The ball just didn’t want to fall in the cup at all! No one in the group made a putt over 10 feet until the 17th!! Really confusing greens to read, breaks that looked obvious weren’t and the straight ones found ways to bend away at the last few inches.

Tuscany as a golf course is outstanding! I can’t wait to play it again. The course was in fantastic shape and was a lot of fun to play. The scenery is gorgeous, there are some really spectacular views on nearly every hole. Here is a link the photo gallery of the course. The place is beautiful that’s for sure.

Anyone from the Vegas area should really look into the players club at Tuscany. For $29 a month you get $15 green fees after 4pm (4/15-7/4) and also unlimited range time. They give you a box of TaylorMade Pentas when you sign up, which is awesome, and there is a weekly golf instruction clinic thats free for the players club members. Also they offer a USGA approved handicap system, discounted rates during non Players Club times and the list seems to go on and on. I signed up mainly for the unlimited range time. It’s not cheap to use the range at Callaway and Tuscany is a lot closer to my work so I can get there sooner and use the range more often. The free box of Pentas was a bonus! Also, the range is grass, so I can say “See ya!” to the mats at Callaway.

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