Twas two day before the Winter Classic

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The 2011 Winter Classis Preview

Here is a little breakdown of the courses we’re playing that’s going to determine the winner of The Breakfast Ball Winter Classic.

Saturday December 17th @ 10:30am we tee of at:

Las Vegas National Golf Club – 6,773 Yards – R: 73.5 – S: 138

Then on Sunday December 18th we take our foursome over to Summerlin for a round at:

Palm Valley Golf Club – 6,849 Yards – R: 71.6 – S: 123

Then for the final round we journey north of Vegas to wonderful Mesquite Nevada to the highly regarded:

Conestoga Golf Club – 6,751 Yards – R: 72.8 – S: 142

Two really tough courses in Las Vegas National and Conestoga. That’s going to make the Saturday and Sunday a lot of fun. This will be my first trip around Palm Valley but from what I’ve heard it’s a nice track.

We’re using a Handicap Net scoring system and as of today (shouldn’t change by Saturday) this is the handicaps everyone will be using

  • Matt 21.3
  • Randy 12.3
  • Pat 12.1
  • Bill 10.5

Just for some perspective at last years Winter Classic my HDCP was at 29.0, Randy’s HDCP was at 15.6 and Pats HDCP was an 11.1, Bill didn’t play all three rounds with us last year.

I definitely have some work cut out for me. Las Vegas National is a tough course from 6300 yards adding 500 yards to it is going to be a challenge that’s for sure! I really familiar with the place though so that, hopefully, can help me out some. Conestoga on the other hand is going to be a son of a bitch! My best round out there was a 99 last year. That was from 6,378 yards. Backing up some 400 yards on a VERY difficult course is going to be my toughest challenge of this year by far! Not that playing The Chase from 6,807 was a walk in the park, but at Conestoga “The Breakfast Ball Cup” Will be on the line!



It’s going to be a great finish to an awesome year of golf. Hopefully I’ll be able to proudly display the cup for the next twelve months and with that talk some major smack for all of 2012!

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