Tweets From the PGA Show 2015

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As much as I want to be at the PGA Show right now creating tweets like these, unfortunately I’m home in Vegas watching my twitter feed like a lot of others out there.

pga show

I though it might be a fun idea to put together some of the tweets I really enjoyed coming from the PGA Show here so maybe some of you that are not so active on twitter or might be wondering what the hell I’m talking about right now can see what an amazing experience it is to be at the show and interact with some many amazing people.

DAY 1 – Demo Day and a little behind the scene action:

And that was just day 1! I’ll update this post each night this week and come Friday it should be pretty entertaining to go through and see what everyone had tweeted about (that I follow at least).




What an awesome day it was watching my twitter feed blow up. Tomorrow should be just as good and the people tweeting should dive into a lot of new products and new companies after visiting all the big players in the golf merch game.  




Another amazing day at the PGA show for my twitter feed.

Tomorrow I suspect to see some good things as well. The majority of people have gone home or are playing golf before heading home so the buzz is a little less spectacular but that daoesn’t mean there still isn’t plenty to see.

Day 4 – The Final Day


Well, apparently I’ve loaded up this page with a little bit more embedded tweets than it could handle.

I’m a little bummed I can’t complete this post the way I wanted to but in all honesty, you didn’t miss much. For the most part everything that was being tweeted out on Wednesday and Thursday was just regurgitated on Friday.

I hope those of you who checked this post out enjoyed it. Next year I fully intend on being out there working the floor for Three Guys and posting my own versions of all the great products and people that make the PGA Show so special.

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