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Like most good movies, you will have just as much fun following along from here, but if you didn’t catch our post from last year detailing this event, you might want to give it a read. A lot of great things happen in golf around this time of the year. The weather starts to warm up in many areas. Most big OE manufacturers release the next club to give you 15 yards. The Masters, and finally Lamb Jam.

All of the Lamb Crafted fans near and far get jacked up about the Jam; whether it is a personal invite to attend or all the commotion that happens on social media around the event, it is a really special time for the brand. This year’s Lamb Jam transpired over roughly 4.5 days, and I can tell you right now while this post may get lengthy, it will not even be close to detailing the fun that took place, but I will try my best.

Lamb Jam is a private invite only event.

It takes place every year in Texas, the birthplace of Lamb Crafted. It is a select group of people that will change from year to year. The chosen group is from Tysons top customers from all around the globe. The exciting part of this event for future attendees is I just explained how you get there.

Tyson does multiple events a year, that has absolutely nothing to do with if you buy his stuff or not, but this event is for the top supporters of his work. From the first annual to the second, it was awesome seeing a core of the same people, but at the same time meeting new ones. We had people from all over the map, all different ages, all different handicaps, all different professions but one substantial common denominator, lovers of the work by one Tyson Lamb.


Being only a few hours away, I opted to drive in on Wednesday evening. Most people flew in that day or early the next. As I walked into the hotel lobby, I was met by some friends that I hadn’t seen since last year. After a few moments of hugs and handshakes, putters already started flying around. Within about an hour of getting to the hotel, I think ten putters were sitting out on display in the lobby. It seemed as if everyone picked up right where they left off, and if you were an outsider looking in, you would assume we all hung out every weekend.

I will continue referencing this throughout the article, but this brand is growing into something way more than collectible putters and accessories. If you are seeking out comradery, solid friendships with good people, and a second family- you don’t have to look much further. It was great going to dinner that night with everyone and catching up. The energy and excitement were super high as most look forward to this weekend all year. The Lamb Crafted team had envelopes addressed to each guest personally at check-in. Each letter enclosed the full itinerary of the event.

First Day

The first day of Lamb Jam started with a pizza party at a create your pie operation near the hotel. We had a long day ahead of us, and the Lamb crew thought it would be best to carb up before the full day of festivities. Once lunch concluded we embarked on our first round of the trip, Old American Golf Club. We were going to be the only ones on the course given they were prepping it for an LPGA event the very next weekend. Wanting to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in a year, I hopped into a jam-packed minivan and off we went.

Lamb Jam

I got off to a rocky start.

We arrived at the course about an hour before our tee time of 2 pm. Immediately after unloading the van, I had discovered my golf shoes were missing from my equipment. Like a child, I must have forgotten my golf shoe bag in the lobby due to all the excitement going on.

Well, I had about 45 minutes to get back to the hotel for the shoes and return without screwing up my groups’ tee time. As I pushed this rental minivan probably harder than anyone ever should, I came flying back into the community where the golf club resides. After pulling into the parking lot, I ran to the back of the van to pull out my clubs and my gear, still fearful of delaying my groups start.

To my surprise, I was greeted by one of Texas finest, in his unmarked Chevrolet Tahoe.

“Why are you going so fast and how are you playing this golf course right now?

I explained that I was attending an event and forgot my shoes at the hotel.

Well you can’t play without golf shoes- I will give you a warning, but watch your speed!

Yes, sir officer as I thanked him profusely. I hustle over to the range where I find my group warming up. I apologize for any delays, and I am ready to go. My group chuckles and says

No worries man, we are the last group to go off….of 40!

What I missed in the shoe debacle, was the unveiling of this year’s Lamb Jam exclusive head cover, along with a Lambassador Jones golf duffle that was given to everyone as they arrived.

While everyone was tearing open their goodies, a new face was floating around the group. Tyson hired Corey Ray to cover the event, so everyone could sit back and relax, and let someone else document the memories.


Old American Golf Club

Designed by Tripp Davis and 12-time PGA TOUR winner Justin Leonard, Old American Golf Club began with the natural beauty of prime landscape along the shores of Lake Lewisville. In keeping with the authenticity of the land, Davis and Leonard crafted a course design that is representative of classic American golf. From naturally formed bunkers and native grasses to strategically designed holes that leverage varying wind conditions, the architects endeavored to create a course with exquisite balance. Old American possesses substance – a true golfer’s course. Where strategic play is necessary, it is a course that intrigues the golfer with ever-changing elements that create a different experience each time it is played.

The course as you can imagine was a beautiful and challenging experience. Tyson in his usual fashion at events played a few holes with each group and then fell behind to play with the next. That way by 18, he has played a hand full of holes with each guest. Corey also floated around with each group and had the opportunity to get thousands of shots on the course mid-round. Myself being in the last group, finished the round just as the sun was setting. As we approached the 18th green, roughly 20 carts had it surrounded. This was such a cool site to see and really ended the round on a good note.

Pajama Gambling

That evening we all dressed in our finest sleepwear and headed down to one of the conference rooms we had rented out at the hotel. Inside was a table lined with Lamb merchandise and the entire Lamb family there to greet us as we walked in. Before shopping began, Tana had some games for the group. If you haven’t followed the brand long, I will tell you a secret. Tana likes games. The team works long hours, sometimes working weeks on items that sell out in just a few moments. So adding the thrill of a game to get an item is fun for her, and everyone else involved.


These games awarded the winners blind choices of boxes filled with Lamb goodies. None of the prizes let anyone down, and all the winners were floored with the outcome. I can honestly say I laughed harder that night than I have all year long while playing some of these games. This evening stretched until early hours of the morning, which was perfect because we had a 9 am tee time at TPC Craig Ranch the very next morning.

Day Two

After some Texas waffles in the hotel lobby, we were off to TPC Craig Ranch to play our second round of the event. Everything from the locker room, to the practice facility, was in immaculate shape. Although pretty tired from the night before, I could not wait to get out on the course.

TPC Craig Ranch

TPC Craig Ranch’s outstanding championship layout ranks among the top private golf courses in the United States according to Golf Digest. The golf course was designed by PGA TOUR legend and architect Tom Weiskopf. The par-72, 7,438-yard golf course features the beautiful, gently rolling hills and mature woods surrounding the limestone banks of Rowlett Creek.  PGA TOUR player D.A. Weibring served as a consultant on the golf course design. The golf course has lush Zoysia fairways and Bentgrass greens. Breathtaking Rowlett Creek crosses the course 14 times, creating a stunning backdrop for an inspiring test of golf.

Craig Ranch did not disappoint, and the group loved every minute of it.

The course played long due to the fairways offering little to no roll out and winds that picked up into the afternoon but was an excellent experience nonetheless. Everyone had rotated their gear around to show off different Lamb products that they hadn’t the day before from ball marks to divot tools.

Most collectors brought multiple sticks to play throughout the event, and those were on full display the entire round. Tana was circulating the course via golf cart with Corey, making sure everyone was having a blast and enjoying time with some of her closest customers and friends. Corey had us all feeling like tour players crawling up and down the course to get that perfect shot of every one of us.

Shop Time

Lamb Jam

That evening we all got cleaned up and headed out to what for most, is the most exciting part of Lamb Jam. There is just something about visiting “where the magic happens” that makes you appreciate why you collect this brand. An unmarked building in Dallas that has gone through severe renovations since last year’s Lamb Jam was looking better than ever. A much smaller building than most would ever assume, quickly filled with all 40 of us Lamb heads scurrying throughout the shop.

Lamb Jam

Walking through the door, you could hear the HAAS machines running.

Tyson was in the back navigating one of his machines that were churning out Lamb Jam ball markers that we would all soon be stamping to our liking. These interactions are why shop time with the Lamb team is so special to me. Tyson has stamping and finishing stations set up (with his guidance) for everyone to take a stab at creating something unique. The very same shop in which he makes his living, he opens up to his customers and friends, to experience what it feels like to create something.

Lamb Jam


After a couple of hours stamping, torching, finishing, and paint filling all of our custom ball markers, Tana climbed up onto a table in the shop and announced GAME TIME. There was an optional raffle going on for two unique head covers, along with an NBA Allstar putter.

Three winners were selected, first place got first dibs, second got to choose between the last two items, and third got what was left. Three gentlemen walked out of that shop much happier than when they walked in. Shop time was a hit as always, and 40 people walked out with 40 hand-stamped markers of their design, amongst other goodies from purchases and raffles.


Lamb Jam

Activity Day

Activity day as a whole was probably one of the best days. It ended up including something for everyone. We had three total activities planned, which turned into 4 when Tyson rented out a local muni for the group to play night golf. The day began with a chiropractors dream, Whirly Ball. For most, this was their first time playing Whirly Ball, and it was unbelievably fun. For those of you who haven’t played, think gocarts mixed with lacrosse.

Activity 1

We had the facility rented out to just us, and we bounced in between two whirly ball courts? Everyone got a chance to mix it up and play with different teams, and it got extremely competitive. At one point, the groups’ long driver, got so excited to reach up for a ball that came his way, his force pulled the carts entire body off of the frame. It was hilarious!

Lamb Jam
Photo Courtesy Of Corey Ray

After everyone finished crashing into one another and being the recipients of hard to explain bruises, we took a ride over to the George Bush Presidential Museum.

Activity 2

This is one of the downtown Dallas area’s staple attractions and gave some excellent perspective on some of our nation’s history. Inside the museum, they had materials from 9-11 with a beautiful memorial, a situation room where you could select different situations and see them through while you were in the driver’s seat, and even a replica oval office for you to get your president on via photo.

Activity 3

With a couple of hours to kill before dinner, the group migrated over to Topgolf and a putt-putt course near our next destination. Half of the group decided to hang at Topgolf., while the other half decided to go low at the local putt-putt track. I was one of the putt-putt fellas, and it was probably a course record for most expensive equipment ever brought to a putt-putt course in the history of ever. We all had our Lamb Crafted sticks out there trying to roll aces.

Lamb Jam
Photo Courtesy of Corey Ray
Activity 4

Dinner at the Holmes residence got the group ready for its muni madness excursions that would take place later in the evening. The Holmes residence is always a treat. The entire backyard is a chipping and putting green. After a fantastic catered meal, the Lamb group headed out back for the annual chipping and putting contest. It looked like the PGA show with everyone’s putters lined up for viewing pleasure.

Lamb Jam
Photo Courtesy of Corey Ray
Activity 5

At this point, I don’t have any course history for our muni madness track mainly because nobody cares. What everyone did care about was the fact we had an entire course to ourselves, it was 73 degrees out, every cart stocked with adult beverages, and we were having the time of our lives.

Everyone seemed to come out of their shell the most during this round. We had picked teams before leaving the Holmes residence, and by the time we pulled into the parking lot, trash talk was in full force. We had a four-man scramble, going off two teams at a time. Music was jamming, and everyone was relishing the opportunity to tee it up once more before everyone departed on Sunday.

No good muni scramble story would be proper without some dramatic outcome.

Luckily, my team was first place loser, so I have a great perspective to share the details. We happen to go off first, and bringing in a bold -7 under after 9, we were confident that the trophy would be ours. But to make sure, we followed our tracks and watched other groups finish. To our surprise, we had a couple of team’s right in our rearview mirror. With one hole left, a young man who plays blades the size of a butter knife drains a 15 footer to tie our -7 score. We have a playoff!

Lamb Jam
Photo Courtesy of Corey Ray

At 12:30 am we head back to hole 1, for the Lamb Jam muni bragging rights of the year. All eight tee shots fired at the pin, some scaring the pin more than others, left both teams with two challenging putts to decide a victor. My team, 97 feet away, maybe less, lined up to sink the game-winning birdie. After four near-perfect putts, one inch short left us with the dreaded par. Our challengers decided that no inches were going to be left on the table, after putting it into the back of the cup, and all of our hearts, on the very first putt. The putt went in, the crowd went wild, and we all got one more memory as to why we collect this brand.

Departing Lamb Jam

A good majority of flights left the next day, while some squeezed in one last round at either Dallas National or Craig Ranch. Reflecting on the weekend, getting to spend all day Saturday with old friends and some new, truly solidified what’s great about this brand and the group it has created. After attending an entertaining event the first year, the second year blew it out of the water. We were in town for four days and had something planned every single minute.

The Lambs did a great job thinking everything through

They made sure we would have the very best time when we got there. Everything from the swag bags, to the shop time, to the golf courses, and activities were all first class. For some, this hobby is new, and for others, they have seen similar outings with other hobbies and brands, but all would agree hands down that nobody does it like Lamb Crafted.

For so many of the guests that traveled to the event, this is one of the only vacations they get to take all year. And to have a thoroughly planned agenda filled with fun activities with all your friends, it doesn’t get much better. Throw a cherry on top for the photographer to document such a fantastic trip, and you’ve got another successful Lamb Jam in the books.

Why Lamb?

Tyson Lamb is in a league of his own when it comes to customization of timeless designs. It is no doubt that in a few short years he has climbed to one of the highest demand products in the golf industry. His ever-increasing following is earning his stripes in credibility and leaving many looking for the next opportunity to dive into his brand.  This year Tyson plans to put more products in the hands of his new and existing customers. As you can imagine, a team of 6 people trying to fill the demands of thousands of customers who want something new every month is no easy task, but he has shared some big picture visions to help combat the supply and demand needs the brand is currently embracing.

I encourage any outsider that is looking to get involved in Tyson Lamb products to treat it just as you would a new hobby.

Learn about the product, get to know the people, create relationships and have some fun along the way. Lamb Crafted is not a big box retailer, and that’s a good thing. The very best things about this brand revolve around them not being a huge manufacturer. Check out the brand on his website, Instagram or dedicated enthusiast page on Facebook. You will find after getting to know the core participants of this community, how it’s filled with great people, who like sharing their favorite hobby and having a good time. Until next year!

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