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Yesterday UST Mamiya uncovered their latest shaft, The ATTAS.

The ATTAS from UST Mamiya is the 10the generation ATTAS wood shaft designed for the golfer looking for more maximum distance with incredible stability and smooth feel while maintaining lower spin.

High Modulus Carbon Fiber with Low Resin Content
  • The ATTAS uses high modulus carbon fiber and a lower resin content to give golfers incredible stability in their hands while providing a smooth feel in a lighter package.
Enhanced EI Profile
  • The ATTAS is offered in weights ranging from 50g-80g. The ATTAS EI Profile provides the smoothest transition from butt to tip. The result is incredible feel with extreme stability
Constant Taper Design
  • Promotes better energy transfer to the ball for maximum ball velocity.

What the ATTAS has done for me, so far.

It’s only been in my bag for a few weeks, so the majority of my testing has been done on an indoor simulator. Mainly so I could see how it did going up against some exclusive company,

I was fitted to a Graphite Designs Tour AD Di-6s early this year. That shaft has been my hero since adding to my bag. Combined with my EPIC SubZero 10.5° head, I’ve been on a tear with my driver. At least compared to previous years. A lot of that has to do with James helping me get my act together, but I could tell from the first swing with the Tour AD my game was in for better days.

Well, the UST Mamiya The ATTAS has changed all that! I would never have thought I’d see better performance from a shaft, being swung by yours truly. But, it has been an excellent addition. Testing showed a better launch angle, better carry distance, better dispersion, and better overall distance with less backspin. I mean seriously, could you ask for anything more in a driver shaft?

Real life situations showed me all I needed to see.

I don’t want to get into a long winded talk about how great this shaft is considering I’ve used it for precisely one real outing. That outing, however, was in some brutal conditions and I couldn’t have been happier with the performance of the shaft. Even in crazy 35mph winds, the ball flight was stable and exactly what I would hope for from a premium shaft.

JT and I both have this shaft in our driver’s heads and look forward to many more rounds. Other ambassadors have put the heavier shafts in their fairway woods and are seeing just as promising results. UST has a sure-fire winner with this 10th generation ATTAS.

Stay up to date with our progress with the ATTAS by following along on our Instagram Accounts Matt, JT. And be sure to give UST Mamiya a follow as well.


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