Ranking Vegas: Here are my Vegas Top 21 Golf Courses

I update this every time I play a course from my Las Vegas bucket list. This opinion article is based solely on MY opinion. More than once I’ve been asked how in the hell can I have such a phenomenal place like Cascata ranked below its sister course Rio Secco. Well, for me it’s a no-brainer. I look at much more than just how a golf course plays or how a clubhouse looks. I try to look at the total picture from the moment you step foot on the grounds until you shut the car door to determine where the golf course ranks.

Ranking Vegas Top 21 Golf Courses
The famous Million Dollar Hole at Rio Secco Golf Club


In choosing my Vegas Top 21 Golf Courses I decided not to use a number formula like most of the periodicals do, my system comes down to my gut feeling the day I played, and when it came down to it, I had to place Rio Secco higher than Cascata and are several reasons why. The golf at both locations is fantastic. For me though Rio Secco is much more of a playable course than Cascata. Mind you the day I played Cascata we were dealing with 40mph winds the entire way up the mountain. The wind made for a brutal round and an incredibly tough day, but it didn’t change my opinion much.


Cascata Golf Club


The Cascata experience is beyond over the top. It was truly a fantastic time, but when it came down to it, I enjoy playing at Rio Secco such much more. The views of the Las Vegas Skyline at Rio Secco are unmatched by any course in the valley in my opinion (except for maybe DragonRidge) and the facilities, staff, practice area, the course overall and the greens, oh the greens, at Rio are as good as it gets. When I consider all of those reasons and the fact I can play Rio Secco for a third of the price it was easy for me to rank in my Top 5.

Hope that helps with a little bit of the methodology that goes into my Las Vegas Top 21 Golf courses. As always if you feel I’m crazy and want to throw your list together, leave a comment below and we can chat about it!

Ranking Vegas:

Las Vegas Golf Rankings as of 12/20/2015

My Vegas Top 21 Golf Courses

#01 • Shadow Creek Golf Club
#02 • Southern Highlands Golf Club (Private)
#03 • Reflection Bay Golf Club
#04 • The Club at South Shore (Private)
#05 • Rio Secco Golf Club
#06 • Cascata Golf Club
#07 • TPC Summerlin (Private)
#08 • Coyote Springs Golf Club
#09 • DragonRidge Country Club (Private)
#10 • Paiute Golf Resort – Snow Mountain Course
#11 • Paiute Golf Resort – Sun Mountain Course
#12 • Bali Hai Golf Club
#13 • Chimera Golf Club
#14 • Boulder Creek Golf Club
#15 • Conestoga Golf Club
#16 • The Revere Golf Club – Course Lexington
#17 • The Revere Golf Club – Concord Course
#18 • Las Vegas National Golf Club
#19 • Wolf Creek Golf Club
#20 • TPC Las Vegas
#21 • Siena GC

The Rest

#22 • Primm Valley GC – Desert Course
#23 • Legacy GC
#24 • Paiute Golf Resort – Wolf Course
#25 • Royal Link GC
#26 • Bear’s Best Las Vegas
#27 • Primm Valley GC – Lakes Course 
#28 • Spanish Trail Country Club (Private) 
#29 • Canyon Gate County Club (Private)
#30 • Red Rock Country Club – Arroyo Course
#31 • Rhodes Ranch GC
#32 • Angel Park GC – Mountain Course
#33 • Stallion Mountian GC
#34 • Wildhorse GC
#35 • Badlands GC
#36 • Aliante GC
#37 • Boulder City Municipal GC
#38 • Black Mountain Country Club
#39 • Angel Park GC – Palm Course
#40 • Desert Pines GC
#41 • Sunrise Vista GC
#42 • Palm Valley GC
#43 • Las Vegas GC
#44 • Desert Rose Golf Course* (pending re-opening)
#45 • Desert Willow Golf Course – (Executive Course)
#46 • Angel Park Golf Club – Cloud 9 (Par 3 Course)
#47 • TaylorMade Golf Experience – Nine Hole (Par 3 Course)
#48 • North Las Vegas (Par 3 Course)

Everyone seems to have one, so I decided what the heck and put this together. It’s ever changing and mainly focused on Las Vegas Golf courses. Once I whittle this Bucket List down, I’ll start putting some much-needed attention to other courses across the states and abroad.

#01 • Anthem Country Club (private)
#02 • Las Vegas Country Club (private) 
#03 • Red Rock Country Club (private)
#04 • Painted Desert Golf Course
#05 • Highland Falls Golf Course
#06 • Eagle Crest (Executive)
#07 • Los Prado’s (Executive)
#08 • Durango Hills (Executive)


#01 • Falcon Ridge (Mesquite, NV)
#02 • Oasis (Mesquite, NV)
#03 • Canyons Golf Club
#04 • The Palmer
#05 • Casablanca Golf Club (Mesquite, NV)
#06 • El Rio Golf & Country Club (Laughlin, NV)
#07 • Mojave Resort
#08 • Laughlin Ranch Golf Club (Laughlin, NV)
#09 • Los Largos Golf Club


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  1. Yohanne Vandrschmuut
    | Reply

    I call shenanigans on your golf course rankings, as you have placed Legacy GC well above many much more deserving golf courses. I could name quite a few, but would rather you explain how Legacy GC is better from your experience than say Rhodes Ranch or Bears Best? Not to mention Paiute Wolf or Spanish Trails! As a reviewer of golf i would hope your ethics are in place and your list is ranked by actual belief that these are how you would rank golf courses you have played and are not fluffing up the ranking of lesser courses for your sponsors or for comps at those courses. I mean, do you really think that Las Vegas National should ever be ranked above Wolf Creek? Sir, i would would love to debate this list, though it is from 2014, and i’m hoping you have changed your opinions since than, and would like to see an updated list for 2015.

    • Mathew Wangrycht
      | Reply

      Right on! Finally a worthy adversary! Mr Vandrschmuut (If that is even your real name) I’ve stated since the beginning of creating this page that these ranking are my opinion and my opinion only. Nothing has been “provided” to raise a course over another and had that been the case for Legacy I’m sure they would wish to be higher than #22.

      So let’s start with your questions. First off Legacy GC is blast to play. The staff is great, the course is always in decent shape, the green fee’s are fair (for locals) and I’ve enjoyed myself just about every time I’ve been out there. Can’t say the same about Rhodes. I don’t frequent that course enough to know if it’s changed but I’ve never and I mean never have had fun playing that track. Bears Best was a turn off for me from the beginning. I didn’t like how all the holes changed from one style to another, It made it tough to get into a rhythm. The course was nowhere near in the condition it should have been for what they charge (and that has happened more than once out there for me) and the staff was beyond rude. So that’s why they are where they are.

      Spanish Trails is a nice course but for being private it’s no better than any of the courses I have listed above it and because it’s private that’s why it’s so far down. The Wolf course out at Paiute is my least favorite. It has a lot to do with how tough it is and the fact its ALWAYS windy out there. Makes it had for a intermediate golfer like myself to have a good time. For instance Coyote Springs is much more difficult in my opinion and I’ve never played a decent round out there but I’ll keep going back because the course is fun as hell to play.

      As for LV National over Wolf Creek that’s just my opinion. Even though Wolf Creek is visually stunning the golf sucks. Ridiculous holes that have no place on a golf course. Silly carries, blind shots and on and on. It was fun to play but I’d never go back out there and pay what they charge to play a round of golf. LV National on the other hand is a fantastic old style Vegas golf course that I love to play every time I go out there. Plus, now they have GolfBoards which is too much fun! I’d double pay at LV National vs a free round at Wolf Creek. The golf is just that much better. Wolf Creek isn’t real golf, it’s tourist golf and bad tourist golf.

      I’ll go through and do some updating. Chimera is certainly moving up the ranks after the takeover of the debacle that was Tuscany Golf Club.

      Thanks Mr Vandrschmuut for your comments, I look forward to reading your rebuttal and continuing this debate.

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