What is the VGN?

How about a little video to show you what we’re all about.


The VGN (Vegas Golf Network) was created by Mathew, Joe, Jeremy, Reid, and Kyle early in 2020 to bring like-minded golfers in the Vegas area together.

With three simple rules;

  1. You have to love and live in Las Vegas
  2. Golf has to be a passion of yours
  3. You can’t be a dick. NO DRAMA PERMITTED

the VGN has quickly grown from the Core Five to 30 players (and it’s growing every week). What started as an Instagram Chat Group (which is still very active) is evolving into something special. I thought it was the right time to add some structure to the Network to ensure future success with our growth.

What’s new for 2021

With the Vegas Golf Network’s current state, we are ready to branch out and add more players. We will be hosting monthly events in 2021 with a points standing system that will award a VGN Tour Champion at the end of the 2021 season.

The official League of the VGN, to the VGN Tour, has been established via 18Birdies. The membership to join the VGN Tour is $100 per season.

Here is a list of benefits for joining the VGN Tour:

  • Access to all VGN Monthly Tournaments
  • Access to the Breakthrough Golf Technology King of the Green Putting Series
  • Access to The Vegas Golf Network on Discord. This is where all the fun takes place.
  • Access to the Vegas Golf Network Club on SNGA
  • 2021 Members Gift: VGN Ball Marker from CNC Creations
  • Entry into the HOLE IN ONE POT
  • Trophy’s for the NET winner of each monthly event. (Nine regular events, three Majors)
  • Championship Belt for Putting Champion
  • Player of the Year Award – (estimated at $1,000)
  • MVP of the Season (voted on by the players and estimated at $350)
  • End of the Year Banquet (in the works but not locked in as of yet)
  • 20% Discount on orders at TRUE LInkswear
  • 10% Discount on all Breakfast Ball Custom Shop work.
  • 10% Discount on all merch at www.thebreakfastball.com
  • 10% Discount on merch at www.hittingreens.com

There are several other “perks” in the works for members, so check back here frequently to see what we’ve added.

The 2021 Season schedule is being put together. It will include nine standard events, three-putting “King of the Green” championships, and three Majors.



I have decided to open up some additional memberships. Because we only had 35 VGN Ball Markers available I limited the number of members. However, there have been some people still interested in joining. Between now 3/8/2021 and 3/28/2021 (our next tour event) anyone who signs up for the $100 will receive a $40 credit after completing the registration. No ball markers will be available but you will be granted access to everything else the league has to offer. Thanks!


A little more info

We use 18Birdies exclusively for our events. Interested in joining the Vegas Golf Network? Want to compete in our events? Please make sure to download the app.

We also require a GHIN account to verify all HDCPs several days before the event. If you do not have a GHIN account, please check out the Southern Nevada Golf Association website for information on how you can obtain one.

As of 12/17/2020, The Vegas Golf Network is an official USGA Club. If you would like to get your GHIN through the VGN, we can make that happen! This service is only available to Members and IS NOT a requirement to participate in our events. You have to have a certified USGA GHIN, but it DOES NOT have to be with us or the SNGA.

We used to use Instagram to communicate with everyone, but as the Network has grown, we “outgrew” the group size limitations Instagram imposes. Therefore, we have moved all communication to Discord. We loved the Instagram format and hated to leave it in the past, but to grow and do so efficiently, that change had to be made. I have found Discord to be very functional and organized. It’s a great way to obtain information and “NETWORK” with other members of the VGN.

Interested in joining The Vegas Golf Network Tour?

Please fill out the form below, or reach out to Mathew directly via Instagram – @thebreakfastball

Thank you for check out the Vegas Golf Network!

We hope you find what we’re doing to be of great interest and look forward to teeing it up with you at one of our events!