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April 10th 2013

INeedTheBall has been named the “official ball” of the 2013 Death Valley Challenge

Great news for The DVC today as INeedTheBall as agreed to be the official golf ball of this years Death Valley Challenge!!

I Need The Ball is new golf ball company that has aimed their sights at the premium golf balls on the market and is taking them to task with performace and price.

Here is some information about INeedTheBall:

  • The Ball is a high performance premium golf ball.  It is the only 3pc cast urethane ball with Tungsten core on the market today.  The ball is priced below premium balls on the market but performs at the same level if not better.  We have done extensive testing and tweaking of the ball to get it just right, so that it will perform the way you need it to.
  • Cast Urethane cover that grips the grooves of the club and slow cure on cover to  increase durability. 318 dimple design
  • Multi-blend Ionomer Mantle for low launch angle and low spin off the driver
  • Large core with Tungsten to give you those extra yards that you need
  • Conforms with USGA rules

The best part, they retail at $34.99 

I’m very excited to welcome INeedTheBall as our Golf Ball Sponsor for the Death Valley Challenge.

You can read more about INeedTheBall on their site at www.ineedtheball.com

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