Weekend Apparel by Tyson Lamb, Strokes Gained, Life Is A Swing & Status Brand

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When it comes to weekend apparel Tyson Lamb, Strokes Gaines, Life Is A Swing and Status Brand Co. get it.

For anybody who knows me on a personal level, my day to day wardrobe consists of a tailored suit and tie outfits. As much as I enjoy my professional business ensemble, once the weekend rolls around, I am a full-on t-shirt and jeans type of guy.

But like many other of my OCD character traits, I am very particular about my t-shirts. I like them to be of high quality, fit and finish. I like them to fit an athletic build and more importantly, last more than one wash cycle. So, when I had the chance to sport some of the industries familiar and unfamiliar brands, I thought I would make sure our readers are in “the know.”

With this segment, I would like to outline four names that impressed me in what I like to call lifestyle brand category. These are not guys currently putting out knit polo’s to wear to the country club, but they are releasing lifestyle shirts that I feel check all my boxes when it comes to my weekend apparel.

I have included the four brands below because I think they are worth checking out. They all boast their unique style, and I think that’s important. Some of these brands fit my style to a Tee (pun intended) while others have a more traditional feel to them. Matt and I feel it’s important to bring you brands and content that has something for everyone.

Status Brand Co

Status Brand Co.

This company which may arguably be at their infant stage as a clothing line was impressive. I received a care package filled with their gray/black shield cap, gray topo shirt, and plenty of stickers to mark up those Yeti mugs.

I thought the hat was more my style, as it is their more traditional of the three. The logo is super sharp, but the fit of the hat was even better. I have worn this at my club multiple times and have received a ton of compliments. Honestly, I think it is just a good looking hat. One that has not been worn by every third golfer on the course that gets people’s attention, and I believe that is precisely what Status Brand Co. is trying to achieve.

The graphic shirt is of good quality and has a more tailored fit, which I prefer. I’d consider Status Brand Co. something of an active apparel company. I don’t think it necessarily has any ties to golf whatsoever, but that doesn’t bother me in the least. They certainly seem to target the sport, and that’s fine. I think Status is worth checking out. You will be surprised by the quality of their stuff and how well it fits/looks in person.

I wish them much success as they continue to expand the brand. I have no doubt as more lifestyle, and sport apparel seekers uncover what Status has to offer, we will see more and more.

Be sure to check out Status Brand Co. on their social media pages; Twitter, Instagram & Facebook and of course their website if you’re looking to make a purchase.

Tyson Lamb

Tyson Lamb Apparel

Tyson Lamb….wait, a minute, isn’t that the putter guy? Well, yes it is. But the Tyson Lamb brand has recently opened its website to the public. By doing this, they have tried to quench the urge for the already eager Lamb heads to start acquiring merchandise, even if it is not a putter.

Being that all of Tyson Lamb putters are made by hand but more impressively made by Tyson alone, the idea to release products to the consumer at a faster pace was a no brainer. When the site went up, they had head covers, ball markers, and accessories and apparel for immediate purchase. Now, Lamb crafted putters may not be in everyone’s price range, and that’s fine. But one thing for certain is, putter or not, if TL produces it, it’s going to be quality.

So for me, when I saw some Lamb Crafted gear I was eager to check it out. As shown, I picked up the famous “Not made in China” and the “Vintage Bottle Tee.” I have to say, for my style, this is about as good as it gets. The T-Shirts are incredibly soft and fit perfectly.

I have reserved the “Not made in China” shirt specifically for when I take a ride in my 1964 Chevelle. It makes for a great statement piece, as my 9mpg hot rod screams down the road on a sunny weekend drive.

Tyson Lamb Apparel

Tyson Lamb products are no doubt shaking up the industry and already becoming a collector’s item. I urge you to check out his website and give his apparel line a look, they all encompass his brand in one way or another. Excellent quality, bold, and unique designs.

Check out his Instagram page for some great content. For a better look at items for immediate purchase visit the Lamb Crafted Website

Strokes Gained Customs

Strokes Gained Customs Apparel

You may remember these guys from earlier content posted on our site. Known for wild finishes, Neal and Strokes Gained Custom Putters wanted to offer a few items to golfers who enjoy great-fitting apparel, that provides some humor to the game. I especially enjoyed these for Neal’s creativity.

Outside of wearing a golf brand logo on a t-shirt, you don’t often see witty apparel catered to our beloved sport. Neal released multiple shirt designs that most will find enjoyable. The guys at Strokes Gained are focused on producing a great tool to get your ball in the cup. With as little strokes as possible! I encourage you to follow them on Facebook to see these limited release shirts come up for sale from time to time.

Your golf pals will get a kick out of it, and it’s a lot of fun to support our sport without only rocking big brand labels. Stokes Gained Custom Putters, founded in Georgia, brings that southern charm to its apparel style. The hats are of a classic style, and the shirts are loose and comfortable.

He offers a hand full of designs on his website, but the real gems get released throughout the year on Facebook. We encourage you to follow his page to find the limited release designs throughout the year. I don’t enjoy discussing political positions, but I definitely can always enjoy a play on words involving politics and golf.

I look forward to seeing more from SG throughout the year as they come up with fun apparel that is a ton of fun to wear but also create awareness for our great sport. Keep up the good work SG.

You can see all the items Strokes Gained Customs has to offer by visiting their website. Be sure to give them a follow on their social media pages as well. Instagram & Facebook.

Life Is A Swing

Life Is A Swing

Very new to the golf arena is Life Is A Swing. A lifestyle collection of golf-related products that is driven by purpose. These guys are putting out some fun golf accessories.

Right now in their lineup are a logoed ball marker, hat, bag towel, inspirational golf posters, and athletic band bracelets.

Outside of the unique logo, some may look at this and say okay JT, another hat and shirt company, we get it. But what stood out for us at The Breakfast Ball is what the brand is trying to represent. If you look at their social media page, they are always working with youth golf and non-profits. Organizations that don’t necessarily equate to brand growth.

But they do it for the love of community and love of the sport. And to us at BB, that means so much. We often get lost in the latest drama at tour level, the next best driver that will fix your snap hook (no it won’t) and we forget about what the game means. These guys haven’t. And for that, they are on our radar and are worth checking out.

The shirt and hat are traditional style and fit, mixed with vibrant new age color. The logoed ball marker is sharp. And lastly, the bag towel is offered in solid colors with a subtle logo at the top. I know a lot of guys very particular about their bag setup. They don’t like to carry an obnoxious brand bag towel. For those type of players, this will be a great option for them. Keep doing what you are doing Life Is A Swing, the game and industry could use more of your direction!

You can follow them on social media via Instagram and Facebook. You can also visit their website.

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