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I started this blog back in December of 2009 after a couple of golf outings with some long-time friends where I was clearly the worst golfer in the group. Having a long history of the game, going back to when I was kid spending my afternoons on the course with my Grandfather, the way I played those rounds was outright embarrassing. I decided afterward that if I ever wanted to compete with these guys, some serious changes had to take place. That was how it all started, a lackluster performance and a passion for playing better. A lot like a real Breakfast Ball.

My vision for the blog was for it to be an online diary of my progress. A forum for me to make and keep notes along with bits of information that if I needed to, I could look back and reflect what had taken place. I wanted to be able to share with everyone the places I’ve played, the equipment I’m using, the people I’ve meet and also have a place where individuals who love this game feel like they can engage in conversation about golf and not feel intimidated.

The Breakfast Ball has evolved way beyond my expectations, and I couldn’t be happier. My vision remains the same, but as I have grown as a player, the blog has changed as well. I’ve made some amazing connections in the golfing world. My writing skills had improved when you compare it to when I started this blog and the content, I think, is a great resource for not only players that are just starting out but also the season veterans who just might want to relax and read some stories about golf.

The Breakfast Ball Original Header
My very first header design


What to expect from The Breakfast Ball?

Inside the pages of The Breakfast Ball, you’ll find articles and stories of my life as it pertains to the game of golf. You’ll meet some of my closest friends, and I’ll share with you some of my highest highs and some of my lowest lows (there’s a lot of them) when it comes to my golf game. I’ve even been known to throw out a good rant now and then just to mix it up some.

For the main part though my goal has been and will always be to become a better player and I think I’m getting there. You’ll just have to read about it and see if you agree with me!

I hope you enjoy reading through the pages of The Breakfast Ball and feel free to leave a comment or participate in any of the discussions that take place. The more, the merrier!

Thanks for checking us out and enjoy the blog!


 If you would like to go the beginning and read the blog from the start click on this link:

My First Post 12/29/2009



Time for a little update on the changes going on at the site.
August 19th, 2017

Over the years as my passion for the game has grown and so has my desire to make this a viable golf for everyone who stops by. Andrew Ganey will always have a place here to drop content anytime he wants. The same invitation applies to James Feutz as well. Those two have some crazy, busy, challenging, life stories and to ask them to contribute is something I would never force on them. Andrew travels the world for his company so anytime he has at home to spend with his growing family takes precedence. James, on the other hand, is competing and a professional golfer now so his focus is to become the best he can become in order to compete at the highest level. That’s why you haven’t seen much content from those two over the last couple of years.

No worries though, I’ve got you covered.

JT Murphy has been a fantastic addition to The Breakfast Ball. Have someone 14 years my younger has brought in some much-needed diversity to the blog. JT has a wildly different view on the game than I do and our contrasting styles, apparel-wise, and game wise brings a compelling look at golf from different perspectives. There was a rough patch for me going back to late 2015 and JT came in like a wrecking ball and dominated the site with some amazing content. That kept the ball rolling for us and has led to where the blog stands today. More reviews and less of me whining about my golf inadequacies.

For me, JT was like signing a huge free agent in the off-season. But, I wasn’t done trying to obtain talent for the site. Earlier this year we welcomed Alex Philips to the site and she has come in “guns a blazing” and I couldn’t be happier to have her on the team. With the addition of Alex, we now have an even broader range of talent and are more diversified than I ever thought we could be. She’ll be bringing her unique look at the game to the site with some reviews for the female golfers in the world. But don’t worry fellas, Alex absolutely smashes the ball. She’s a long drive competitor and I’ve seen first hand what she can do to a golf ball. It’s rather impressive. So when she gets her hands on some equipment to review, you need not worry about not being able to relate to the information.

All of us are looking forward to bringing great content to this site

We’re excited about what the future has in store. We have some great products lined up and we cannot wait to get out on the course and share them with all of you!

Thanks for checking out the site!


Welcome The Breakfast Ball Crew
The Breakfast Ball Crew back in 2011. From Left to Right: Randy, Pat, Bill & Mathew


Furance Creek Ranch Golf Course
Yes, sir! That’s a drive-thru snack bar! Death Valley is awesome!!


Conestoga Golf
About to get to it at Conestoga in Mesquite, NV

9 Responses

  1. mike
    | Reply

    Hey Matt:

    just reading over your blog, and found it very interesting. Also, noticed the poker chip on your page, if you’re interested in a reorder anytime soon let me know as we have quite a variety of chip colors to choose from.



  2. Chris Maddison
    | Reply

    Hi Matthew

    I am in Vegas next week playing some golf.

    I played Coyote Springs a couple of years ago and LOVED it but have heard some bad things about its conditioning recently, particularly the greens.

    Have you heard anything on its current state of play?

    thanks dude.


    • Mathew Wangrycht
      | Reply

      I know Wolf Creek out in Mesquite (not too far from Coyote Springs) had to shut down and redo their greens but I haven’t heard any thing like that in regards to Coyote Springs. I’ll reach out to some people I know and see if there is any truth to the rumor. You might want to give them a call though, they have always been very helpful when I’ve called out there inquiring about the conditions.

      • Chris Maddison
        | Reply

        Thanks buddy will do. Keep the blog going, great fun to read and keeps my mind on Vegas

        • Mathew Wangrycht
          | Reply

          Thank you, much appreciated! Let me know how your Vegas trip goes.

  3. corey
    | Reply

    Hi Mathew,

    Just wanted to say from one blogger to another that I really like the design of your site. Very organized and accessible. Glad this going so well for you. You’ve been at it about 4 years more than I have so I admire all you’ve accomplished here.

    Hit ’em straight.

    Corey at socalgolfblog.com.

    • Mathew Wangrycht
      | Reply

      Thank you so much Corey!

      I love it when other golf bloggers find my site and like what they see. Solidifies the time and effort I put into it and I really value the opinions of my peers!

      Thanks for taking the time to check out the site and feel free to comment on any of my articles, I love the feedback and interactions with my readers!

      Heading over to your site now!

      Thanks again!

    • Gary
      | Reply

      Just launched my golf blog yesterday! I’ve looked at numerous golf blogs and yours is great. Like your blog, I don’t want to look like all the rest. The way you live golf shows on this blog. It’s not the same ol’ golf blog we find out there. Hope I can do the same.

      • Mathew Wangrycht
        | Reply

        Thanks for the kinds words Gary, it means a lot hearing that from other golfers/bloggers! Good luck with your site!

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