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To say I’m upset with myself would be a gross understatement. I played really bad today. Not as bad as Revere, but way worse that what I had shot at Legacy just ten days ago.

First off I hit my driver very well. You might not think so because of the lack of fairways hit (3) and playable balls (7), but I really was hitting it good. An issue that I had was the rough. A lot of my tee shots rolled through the fairway and ended up in the rough. I guess it’s called the rough for a reason, but at Wildhorse is no joke! Their rough is very difficult to hit out of and it tested me all day long! So many poor shots out of the rough made my round look really bad.

My putting saved me on a couple of holes. I nailed a 35 footer for a 7 on hole #13. Nothing to be proud of, the seven that is, but it was nice to see that putt drop. On the other hand I did have eight two putts from within ten feet. That’s not going to get it done. Only 34 putts, one of my better total putts tally, and only one 3 putt.

So with all that goodness I just spoke of what went wrong?

It was my iron play, again. Piss poor irons shots one after another. I can handle the poor shots out of the rough, that’s something, I hope, will come along with time. It’s the middle of the fairway after a nice tee shot that’s killing me. For example on number three. I hit an fantastic driver 250+ yards down the middle of the fairway. It was a great shot, and I was excited about it. It left me 130 to the green, straight on, with no obstacles in my way. Second shot “FAT”. It ended up way short and right in the rough behind a big ass tree. I tried a soft punch shot just to get back out the fairway and try to salvage the hole. That shot was “FAT” again and went about five feet, the next stroke was better but still chucky and it came up short of the green in a nice muddy, short grass area bellow the green. I made a great chip out of that crap and left myself seven feet for double bogey. Missed the putt and had my seven. It was just awful, not acceptable by any stretch.

The next few holes didn’t fair any better. Back to back blow up holes on 4 & 5. I hit a nice tee shot on the par 3, 6th that carried the green and landed in a bunker. A terrible sand out, which I’m normally very good at, and another two putt from within ten feet and I had recorded a double bogey.

I shot 55 on the front and 50 on the back. That stinks because there are three par 3’s on the front and only one par 5. Where as on the back it’s a normal par 36 configuration, with two par 3’s and two par 5’s. I had eight penalty strokes which is a lot considering that last four rounds I played I tallied 4, 4, 3 & 4. I haven’t had that many since my round at The Stoga back in April.

I liked the course. Randy’s not a fan of it, but I like it. The have one of the best holes in the Valley, it used to be the finishing hole, but they really have changed the place and bunch and now its hole #9, bad move in my opinion. The range is nice, and the putting greens are nice too. For the $41.00 green fees for locals I think it’s a great deal. I definitely play here again sometime, it was a lot of fun and I had a blast playing with Dan. He’s a big cigar aficionado so he always brings some good ones with him when we play, that’s always a good perk! HA



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