Winter Break I hate you

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2015 is starting off in a way I find utterly unamusing.

Last year at this time I was hanging out with Ryan (@Utahgolf) and Adam (@ThreeGuysGolf) down in Orlando Florida at the PGA Show. Six straight days of golf, which included Grand Cypress & Streamsong, to go along with three amazing days at the PGA show had my January starting out like the 12th and final round of a championship boxing match.

51 weeks later I sit at home having not played a round of golf since October and I’ve only swung a club just a hand full a times. How sad it that? It’s not like I live in Minnesota where it is impossible to play outdoors. I’m starting to feel a connection with Old Man Winter. He’s not a friend I want… ever!

My only saving grace of this ridiculous down time has been my backyard. I’m grateful to have my sanctuary back there and even more so I’m thrilled the reconstruction of the backyard by Southwest Greens of NV went flawlessly and I now have an outstanding place to chip and putt.

This past weekend I finally installed five of the seven lights I have and hope to have the others in soon. The lights are going to make those late night putting sessions even better. The flood lights I have mounted on the house were terrible for putting and left too many areas of the green either in harsh shadow or not lit up at all. That’s not the case anymore. Having lights that completely illuminate the entire green and chipping area I’m now anxiously awaiting those hot summer nights I love so much.


Oh how I wish the weekend could have ended on that high note but it wasn’t meant to be.

I thought having this stupid flu bug since before Christmas was bad enough. Apparently though feeling like absolute crap along with the severe lack of playing or practicing wasn’t damaging enough to my game. While doing some routine maintenance in the backyard (I was finally feeling well enough to get some much-needed yard work done) along with the light installation, my dumb ass re-aggravated an old tennis elbow injury. Since Sunday night I have had very limited mobility and a lot of excruciating pain.

Thankfully though the complete implosion of my game has been rescued from my winter break of a sinking ship. Why? Well, mainly because it doesn’t hurt to putt! Ha ha, take that lateral epicondylitis! You shall own me no more, unless I foolishly attempt to lift my coffee mug with my right hand, other than that FU!

Sadly I have to rest my right arm, practice is on the table and any full swings I had planned over the next couple of weeks are going to be placed on the back burner. Regrettably so it has to be this way or my season will never start! My chipping and putting sessions will continue and hopefully in a few weeks I can get my shit together and actually play some golf.

With warmer weather on the horizon this unscheduled Winter Break was not something I was looking at in a positive way. Doing my best to salvage some positive from what I have determined as a huge negative (seriously you people in the northeast and Utah, how do you do it?) I’m going to continue to go out each night and fall in LOVE with my putter all over again. Seems like the right thing to do considering it’s ALL I can do!

In my next post I’m going to talk about the changes I’ve made to my putter and my stroke that’s showing some promising results. Let’s just say I’ve been tinkering a ton with all my putters trying to figure out what works best for me and I think I’ve finally came to an assessment that I’m pleased with.

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