The Wynn Golf Club will reopen!

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The rumors are true; the Wynn Golf Club will reopen. The “pond” idea goes belly up.

Wynn Golf Club

Some good news recently regarded one of the most talked about course closers ever, at least on this site. The Wynn Golf Club is going to return, and the pond concept got flushed!

I’m made my opinion clear on what’s been happening over at the Wynn property since the rumors of it shutting down started. Two and a half years ago, back in May of 2016, I wrote about the Wynn Golf Club shutting down. That article was met with a lot of criticism and debate, which I loved, but the reality was the land was too valuable to leave a golf course, and the plans to shut it down went in to effect.

Now, it seems the “smart” people in the boardroom have come to realize that a giant “swimming pool” in the desert, off the strip, IN THE DESERT, was a bad idea. No way. Regardless of my opinion on the matter and why I still believe the course shut down, Wynn Resorts has brought back into the fold, legendary designer Tom Fazio to revamp the course layout. Mainly because of a new Convention center and according to Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox, the course will reopen soon:

The design of that is complete, the work has commenced, and the golf course will be restored and back in action by this time next year.

Said Maddox.*

It looks like they are planning to reopen in 2019.

I’m all for Golf in Vegas but is Wynn Golf Club needed?

I’m sure it has a lot to do with the $500 per round price tag. But, if the claims by Maddox are true and they’ve lost 16,000 rounds of golf and $10 to $15 Millions in business because of the course closing then for them it’s a no-brainer. The UBER rich need a playground too I presume, and it looks like they’ll once again be able to partake in golf on the lush fairways of the beautiful Wynn Golf Club.

This time I hope it’s here to stay. While I’m not a fan of the concept and the fact they destroyed an Iconic course to build Wynn Golf Club I. I do want golf in Las Vegas to succeed. And who knows, maybe I’ll get an invite for a round, and my opinion will completely change.

Chime in with your thoughts

The course closing was a great topic of discussion a few years back, and I’m sure it’s going to be again. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Is this a good move? Are you pissed you won’t be able to wakeboard on the Strip now? Will you ever pay the $500 to play Wynn Golf Club?

Let’s get the debate going again!


*Souce: Forbes Magazine

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  1. Christopher James
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    I think this is great news. Had a chance to play the Wynn Golf Club back in the day and luckily I did not have to pay the full green fee. It was a really nice course and in unbelievable conditions. Hopefully it will pull players from some of Vegas’s other courses and open up some tee times next winter!

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